1. If you click the Amazon logo in the nav bar before doing your Amazon shopping, it costs you nothing and helps support SOSH. Try to make it a habit!
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Support SoSH

This place is effectively created, run and maintained by us. Here are some ways that you can help

(this is a nip work in progress - ignore this page until this message goes away)

  1. We pass around the hat. Most of us throw a few bucks in every year to keep this place running.
  2. Click on this Amazon link before you buy anything from Amazon. Extra special bonus points if you work in a corporate environment and handle the ordering OR are a new parent and ordering diapers every three seconds.
  3. THIS IS THE BIG ONE. Participate in our charity drives. Beyond being a simple website, we are a complex community. One way we bring a site of many different personalities, folks living in different regions and even people of different fan bases is to funnel our efforts once or twice a year into raising some money for nice causes