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  1. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    There's a USWNT thread, but I think it's worthwhile to have a general women's soccer thread for other issues.

    Some bad news on a couple of fronts:

    The FA have been pilloried in WoSo circles for hiring Phil Neville, who has very little managerial experience, as manager of England's NT. He's already deleted his Twitter account because there were so many sexist tweets in his history and he's been busy giving tone-deaf interviews about how this is such a great opportunity for him to develop as a manager.

  2. swiftaw

    swiftaw Member SoSH Member

    Yeah, the Phil Neville thing is so ridiculous it belies belief. Given the reason why the last manager was fired you would think that the FA would want to make sure that decision on the new manager was completely beyond reproach, so what do they do, hire a man who has made multiple sexist comments on social media and who has never managed any team ever. Way to go FA.
  3. SoxFanInCali

    SoxFanInCali has the rich, deep voice of a god and the penis of Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Yeah, from a sporting perspective it makes no sense, as England is a legit contender to win the World Cup. Adding in that he's replacing a guy fired for making racist comments and having inappropriate relations with players, and it's laughable. It sounds like their top few choices all turned down the job, so I guess they felt they might as well go for a name people have heard of, but it's still stupid.
  4. Spacemans Bong

    Spacemans Bong chapeau rose SoSH Member

    Women's soccer isn't taken seriously in England, as you can tell. I was at a Labour Party conference that had a discussion on sport in society with a women's soccer journalist and some of the stuff she was talking about in terms of how much of an afterthought it was even by clubs that run top women's sides (eg Everton, Bristol City) was depressing. Even at Arsenal, where the Ladies' side was famously the only side winning anything for a decade, they're stuck in a semi-pro ground on the ass end of London. I know a lot of people, myself included, who would go to their games if it wasn't a 2 hour round trip from my house. Personally, I think they should play at the Emirates.

    As SFIC noted, England's women's team is actually really good - far better than their male equivalent - and has occasionally attracted large mainstream support as women's soccer has become more popular. Their run to the semis in 2015 was noticed and broadcast live on the BBC. But then you've got the FA treating them like a joke.

    For all the smug denunciations of America for Bush or Trump, the British Isles (I'm including Wales/Scotland/the Irelands in this) have a laughably retrograde attitude to women's sports. Northern and Western Europe are quite a bit better on this front.

    As an aside, John Herdman going from Canada's women to their men seems to have rubbed some noses the wrong way, but I don't know a lot about the situation other than he did a good job with the women.
  5. Spacemans Bong

    Spacemans Bong chapeau rose SoSH Member

    To buttress my point

  6. BCsMightyJoeYoung

    BCsMightyJoeYoung Member SoSH Member

    Phil Neville being named as the next Head Coach of the England squad has left a few noses out of joint as well ..


    What's more Neville has been criticized for a few misogynist tweets in his past leading to charges the FA did not do enough due diligence.
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  7. steeplechase3k

    steeplechase3k Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Boston Breakers officially done:

  8. Ale Xander

    Ale Xander Member SoSH Member

    Damn, that sucks. Costs too high or demand too low? It also seemed like they got a raw deal scheduling-wise, too often v. Red Sox games. Also probably hurt them that the stadium is a pain to get to with traffic/parking. Could have done better with a smaller, suburban, stadium that catered to groups better (elementary school girls) perhaps but that doesn't really currently exist in the area.
  9. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Mexico won its first CONCACAF U20 women's title, beating the US on penalties.
  10. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Check-in regarding NWSL salary structure:

  11. Schnerres

    Schnerres Member SoSH Member

    German national team in huge trouble (biggest ever for them?).
    They won six consecutive Euros. Then they won the gold medal in Rio. Then coach Silvia Neid stepped down and Steffi Jones became coach (no previous coach experience; she was the organizing face of the WC2011 and assistant coach for Neid for a year).
    Germany lost in the Euro 17 quarterfinal.
    Germany lost 2-3 to Iceland in the WC qualification (they won each match in the Euro qualification without conceding a single goal).
    Germany finished dead last in the She believes Cup behind USA, England, France, three top national teams. Before that tournament, Jones said that the test phase ended and now it´s up to them to show some results.

    The DFB stepped up and fired her. They hired former striker and german U-coach Horst Hrubesch as a bridge guy. He is old and experienced. He´s well-liked and has shown a feeling for the right people in the right situation. Let´s see where this will end.

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