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Who Retires First: Brady or Belichick?

Discussion in 'Blinded by the Lombardis: Patriots Forum' started by InstaFace, Jan 22, 2019.


Who hangs 'em up first?

  1. Tom Brady

  2. Bill Belichick

  3. The league finally folds after their 47th consecutive championship, leaving both out of a job

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  1. j-man

    j-man Member

    to me brady will sign for more than 2019 but if i was the pats i wouild only go year to year from this point on after 2019

    i think bill will try without brady bill has 7-10 years left if he wants to play it out brady at best has 4

    but mr kraft is going have to make a choice between them do u ride Brady/MCD and let MCD choose the guy or do u thank brady for his service after 19 or 20 and ride bill and his handpicked QB for 5 years but kraft does not want brady in a atother team uni
  2. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    The short term has thus far proven you right.
  3. simplyeric

    simplyeric aggressively nonsensical SoSH Member

    I don’t think Brady is going to play past the point that he is a totally viable option for Belichick.
    Unless and until BB has his Aaron Rodgers, and TB becomes Favre, why would BB need to move on?
  4. axx

    axx lurker

    Because I don't think Brady isn't going to take the discount anymore. Franchise+Trade might be pretty tempting given how nice the QB class is looking after next season.
  5. Reardons Beard

    Reardons Beard Member SoSH Member

    The better answer is league submits, names BB Commissioner for Life and he applies his team building methodology to every single organization in the NFL accelerating the level fo competitive parity as it expands across the globe ushering in an era of world domination.
  6. simplyeric

    simplyeric aggressively nonsensical SoSH Member

    Why wouldn't TB continue to take a discount? He's worth apparently $180MM, and his wife is worth $380MM. What's another few million if it diminishes his ability to get to the super bowl? Do you think that TB thinks that any other team offers him a better chance of getting to and winning the super bowl?
    He's not playing for money. He's playing for victory, pure and simple.

    Of course, so is BB. But how confident is BB that the upcoming QB class is going to perform in the NFL, and more importantly perform in the way he will demand?
    And how many draft picks is BB prepared to deal up in order to get a good enough pick for a new franchise QB such that he'd jettison TB? And it's not like it's the last QB class ever...if it looks like TB will be able to continue performing at a top-10 or even top-15 level in any upcoming year, what's the real value of "untested mid-round QB out of college" as compared to "highly experienced and still performing TB12", in terms of getting to and winning super bowls?

    BB will have his opportunity to rebuild and retool around a new QB if he wants it. I don't see him parting ways with TB until he needs to, and when he needs to I kinda feel like TB will know it too.

    Honestly I think it will be a mid-season (not sure what season) injury that he has trouble coming back from, and that'll be it.
  7. streeter88

    streeter88 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Where's the "like" button when you need it???

    I think simplyeric is fully correct - that BB and Brady are both playing for world domination, and that Brady is really playing to continue to prove wrong all those folks who doubted him in college and in the NFL draft. I obviously have no first hand knowledge of any of this, but if I were a betting man I would put my money on the Pats and Brady reaching agreement on a reasonable 2 year extension with maybe a team option for the 3rd year, that is in the neighborhood of what Brady currently gets paid annually. Might have a bunch of incentives in it like Gronk's current deal.

    Brady doesn't need more money, but he does WANT a 7th SB ring. And he absolutely wants the counting records too.
  8. Van Everyman

    Van Everyman Member SoSH Member

    To be clear, Hernandez had already murdered people, we just didn’t know that yet.

    Bill did though. Borges said so.
  9. axx

    axx lurker

    The Patriots did just win the Super Bowl despite being well under the cap. 10 million is a lot of money, even for Brady.

    At the same time I don't think the Patriots will give Brady a long term deal, because well he's 41 and also there's no telling what's going to happen post-lockout. Hence the franchise tag at high 20s, but he's going to have to earn it.
  10. tims4wins

    tims4wins PN23's replacement SoSH Member

    This is a ridiculous take. Now, all of a sudden, he is going to demand $30M a year? No chance. His motivation is a 7th title. A 2 year / $44 ish million extension would likely get it done.
  11. I am an Idiot

    I am an Idiot "Duke" SoSH Member

    Three years from now BB trades his entire accumulated twenty years worth of trade-down picks for the kid from Clemson, wins another two Super Bowls, and retires. That’s my dream.
  12. Papelbon's Poutine

    Papelbon's Poutine Homeland Security SoSH Member

    Huh? They had less than $5M to start the season, then made additions. They were not well under the cap, Mazz.

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