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Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

Discussion in 'Our Errors are Mistakes: The Media Forum' started by HomeBrew1901, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Rusty13

    Rusty13 Member SoSH Member

    "Fritos and beef......and cheeeeeeese."
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    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
  2. JCizzle

    JCizzle Member SoSH Member

    I don't really like Taco Bell anymore, I probably only eat there 2-3 times per week now.
  3. MizzouJackass

    MizzouJackass lurker

    I very well could be alone on this but the Pasta Joe/Nora thing this morning was brutal.
  4. DisgruntledSoxFan77

    DisgruntledSoxFan77 Member SoSH Member

    T&R definitely have their strengths but the thing is, their biggest weakness is saturation. When they find something good they will run it directly into the ground. Anything involving Pasta Joe was ok in the beginning but quickly turned into shit because they just can't help themselves. If he isn't on the show directly they're gonna play clips of him ad nauseam!
  5. doctormoist

    doctormoist Member SoSH Member

    They beat everything into the ground. Does anyone find Toucher’s rock and roll guy (and rock and roll Mike) or Mark Davis imitations to be funny?
  6. Mueller's Twin Grannies

    Mueller's Twin Grannies Member SoSH Member

    I realize this was several weeks ago, but what is the full story here? I rarely get to listen to either show anymore (partially by choice) so I didn't see any backstory. Can someone fill me (and anyone else just as clueless) in?
  7. steveluck7

    steveluck7 Member SoSH Member

    It's a kind of long story but the gist is... Mike "Sarge Reilly fills in as an update guy / 3rd chair on most shows on the station. Over the summer, he was on a lot more with everyone taking vacations. A caller at some point told Sarge he sucks on the radio. It kind of flustered Sarge so more and more people would call in and drop in that line. It bled over to T & R who thought it was funny how much it bothered Sarge. It kind of took off from there with one guy calling into national shows (Finebaum, Francesca, Hannity) and going into long stories about this guys, Mike "Sarge" Reilly. T & R would play them on their show. People started to call other shows on the station and do this bit.
    It gets messy because Zolak thought it was hilarious and encouraged it (at a point, Fred and Rich really asked people to stop calling their station with these calls). One morning, during the crossover, Beetle started whining and talking down to Fred about it (again, even though his co-host overtly encouraged it). Beetle said some dick-ish stuff during the spat and Fred basically "warned" him that by acting this way, he's gonna incur even more calls from T & R fans.

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