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The Return of the (PG) Hook Shot - Michigan BBall 2018-2019

Discussion in 'College Sports' started by Zososoxfan, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Zososoxfan

    Zososoxfan Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    So, uh, this team is GOOD! It's a strictly 6-man rotation which worries me, Poole has been off since starting red hot, but this team 1-6 matches up with any other team in the nation. They're currently in a 2-dog fight for the Big10 title with MSU with both games occurring at the very end of the season. This team is super fun to watch and currently has the #1 defense in the country.

    Teske has been just outstanding. He's an incredibly good post defender with elite size who doesn't foul. On offense, he has some of the best hands for a big man I've seen in some time. He can finish at the rim, and has a jumper that's effective from midrange and occasionally from 3.

    At the 1, ZXavier Simpson is the leader and heart of the team. He's possibly the least talented offensive player in the starting lineup, but he is an elite defender, knows what Beilein is trying to do on O, and his hook shot may save his offensive utility.

    Matthews is the glue guy on the team right now. Along with ZX and Teske, he is an elite defender who has the look of an NBA player. He can lead the offense at times and his shooting percentages, while not great, have all improved this year. He gathers loose balls, plays well above the rim, and I've learned to appreciate what he brings to the team.

    20-year old Freshman Iggy is a total mug and I'd hate him if he was on any other team. But he's not, so I love him. Dude has no problem playing the heel and is probably UM's most talented offensive player. When the offense bogs down, getting Iggy the ball going to the cup is the best play. His defense is good enough and while he's had some freshman growing pains, Iggy is a very good player.

    Jordan Poole likely determines just how high this team can fly. When he's on his game, he has NBA 3PT range and can get to the rim at will. He's a good enough defender, but he has been in a funk since starting the season on fire against solid competition.

    6th man Livers is a dude. Big man can spell Teske at the 5 for short periods when UM goes smallball, but also has 3PT range. I have an irrational adoration of this player.
  2. Dick Pole Upside

    Dick Pole Upside Member SoSH Member

    I agree. This team is fun.

    Only six deep for sure, but Beilein has also squeezed some occasional contributions from Eli Brooks as well.

    It was hoped that Brandon Johns could be brought along, but that's been choppy at best. Austin Davis has 5 fouls to give, and Nunez/DeJulius have flashed in blowouts. But other than Brooks, I wouldn't expect to see any of these kids (barring foul trouble for starters/Livers) as we approach the B1G tournament and NCAAs.

    Simpson is a junkyard dog, pure and simple. Hard to say they've had a PG with his type of attitude since Gary Grant.

    Iggy may win Mr. Hateable, but Poole ain't far behind... ;)
  3. Zososoxfan

    Zososoxfan Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    I think DDJ is going to start seeing some minutes. This team can probably get by with 2 subs, Livers for wings/bigs and the better of Brooks/DDJ for Guards. Sprinkle in just a little Big Country and Johns at 2 MPG and it might be enough. Good teams in the tourney will definitely try to get UM in foul trouble and test this, but I think UM is among the best in the country at avoiding fouls.

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