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Silver Announces NBA Sports Betting Deal

Discussion in 'Mark Blount's Port Cellar: Celtics Forum' started by ifmanis5, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. ifmanis5

    ifmanis5 Member SoSH Member

    The NBA will partner with MGM Grand on a sports betting agreement and enterprise.

    Shams Charania‏Verified account @ShamsCharania 1m1 minute ago
    The NBA has partnered with MGM Resorts for multiyear agreement on sports gaming/betting.

    Adam Silver is announcing the deal right now.

  2. Ale Xander

    Ale Xander Member SoSH Member

    8.3333 AAV? That's a steal for MGM
  3. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    Hard to believe MGM is going to make >$8M / yr that they wouldn't have made anyway on the sports betting. Are any gamblers here going to go to MGM over Caesars if the latter is offering better odds on your wager?

    I'm just not understanding the value prop on either side of this. I don't think it's an unseemly relationship for a league to have anymore, I just don't understand why this was such a priority for Silver (I guess $8M/yr of found money isn't so bad, but it's still peanuts compared to most of their deals), much less why it was such a priority for MGM.
  4. djbayko

    djbayko Member SoSH Member

    Yeah, if that's all of the revenue the NBA is generating out of this, you actually kind of wonder why Silver was pushing so hard for it. Maybe this is the best deal he can scrape together until the casinos have a few years to better gauge the business case for this.

    It's not like other sports books aren't going to carry NBA games. They have been all along and don't need logos and highlights to make money.

    Edit: Instaface beat me by a hair :)
  5. Oil Can Dan

    Oil Can Dan Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I think from MGM's perspective they're betting that it's money well spent to have their name associated with NBA betting. Sort of like how Scott's is the official Lawn Care provider of MLB. Anyone using Scott's because of that?
  6. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    Lawn-care buyers may be far less discerning, and testimonials such as official sponsorship may carry more weight.

    I know a lot of sports bettors and don't know a one who wouldn't at least shop for rates among a few preferred books. Maybe this will help MGM be top-of-mind when people are establishing relationships with sports books, particularly if they start buying airtime in select markets for ad spots during NBA games. But otherwise I'm hoping someone like @Dehere could explain the appeal.
  7. NoXInNixon

    NoXInNixon Member SoSH Member

    Less discerning bettors are going to be impressed by the flashy highlights and the use of actual team names. Also, I'm sure there will be branding at NBA arenas that will drive market share. And there will surely be branding at MGM properties in places where sports betting is legal. Once Massachusetts gets with it, I'm sure MGM Springfield will gain a decent amount of business.
  8. HomeRunBaker

    HomeRunBaker bet squelcher SoSH Member

    MGM got the NBA for essentially the MLE. The NBA is Jerami Grant.
  9. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  10. Papelbon's Poutine

    Papelbon's Poutine Homeland Security SoSH Member

    I’m no economist or marketing expert, but I’m assuming that’s in part to stave of their sliding position with Bud and maintain their foothold with Bud Light. Bud Light has twice the market share of the second highest sold beer in the US, Coors Light, but Bud itself got passed by Miller Light last year. I think that’s at least in part trying to product their flagship in a bidding war.
  11. Reverend

    Reverend for king and country Lifetime Member SoSH Member


    The more useless fungible your product, the MORE it's success is based on marketing.

    It makes sense if you think about it, and it's fundamentally the answer to a whole bunch of ostensible rhetorical questions people have about commercials that go, "Why do they bother... I mean, who doesn't know who they are..." or some such. I mean, that's exactly why, right?
  12. HowBoutDemSox

    HowBoutDemSox Member SoSH Member

  13. kenneycb

    kenneycb Hates Goose Island Beer; Loves Backdoor Play SoSH Member

    You can go in a liquor store in pretty much any town, in any state, on pretty much any day and buy beer. You can go to Las Vegas and New Jersey to gamble on sports. The markets are not close to being comparable. The calculus may change but I imagine it will take more than 3 years for the changes to become more widespread and take hold.
  14. bankshot1

    bankshot1 Member SoSH Member

    The benefits to MGM seems hard to quantify, as the league logo etal probably won't drive additional NBA wagering.

    Maybe its a loss leader/marketing cost to drive other casino business.

    Whats interesting is that a benchmark has been established for the NFL to price off of, if it wants to. If the NBA is worth $8M a year, whats the NFL worth?

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