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Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

Discussion in 'BYTE ME: Technology discussion' started by StupendousMan, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. StupendousMan

    StupendousMan Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    My brother and I are both in the market for newer, larger TV sets to replace our aging 40-inch-ish models. We both use the sets mostly for viewing shows off broadcast or cable; we game a bit, but not the sort of games that require ultra-fast response. We'd like to get something larger, in the 55-65 inch range; and, though neither of us watches and 4K content now, we're thinking it might be good to acquire a device which can handle it for the future.

    Budget is somewhat flexible, but we don't want to go much over $1000, if that. StupendousBro has been considering the Sony XBR-65 X930E, but has an open mind.

    Any suggestions? We both know about AVS Forum, so we can do detailed reading there as needed.
  2. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  3. Eck'sSneakyCheese

    Eck'sSneakyCheese Member SoSH Member

    Go OLED and you'll never go back! LGs are ridiculously on sale right now. I agree with Joe, rtings is a fantastic site! I did all of my research there before I bought by EF9500. A 65" is going to be a little pricey but you won't regret it.
  4. JakeRae

    JakeRae Member SoSH Member

    I have a TCL P Series and it is a tremendous value at $600 for the 55 inch. For a 65 inch model the Vizio M Series is probably the best TV in your Price range.

    If you are willing to spend $1500+ I would think it makes sense to get an OLED. I'm not really sure how brands like Sony and Samsung are competing at this point. They both make a great product, but they aren't enough better than what TCL and Vizio produce to justify paying two to three times as much and they are sufficiently inferior to LG OLEDs that if you are buying in their price range, you might as well buy the LG.
  5. santadevil

    santadevil Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    This man speaks the truth, do it.
    I almost wish I needed a new TV so I could buy one
  6. NJ_Sox_Fan

    NJ_Sox_Fan Member SoSH Member

    Get the 55 inch LG OLED 4k tv. They're awesome and super on sale right now.
  7. Gambler7

    Gambler7 Member SoSH Member

  8. NortheasternPJ

    NortheasternPJ Member SoSH Member

    I hate curved TVs and don’t see the appeal of them. Sony discontinued theirs, LG did as well. I really don’t like anything the distorts the screen or “improves” it via gimmicky software so I’m out on curved TVs. Plus if you wall mount them they look awkward.
  9. glasspusher

    glasspusher Member SoSH Member

    #9 glasspusher, Nov 24, 2017
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  10. DominicJD

    DominicJD lurker

    I had to replace my old 65” Mitsu DLP back in February and went with the Sony XBR 930. Very happy with it. My older setup ran everything through my AV receiver using HDMI 1.3 — to handle the new 4K Apple TV I replaced my receiver and bought HDMI cables rated for 2.0

    Apple auto-upgrades purchased movies to 4K when available. Atomic Blonde in 4K is awesome.

    There’s also a ton of 4K content on YouTube that the TV can play natively - amazing nature videos and such. Very cool.
  11. LoweTek

    LoweTek Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    A Sony 65" 930 for under $1,000? Link, please.
  12. cardiacs

    cardiacs Member SoSH Member

    Hi folks,

    I finally made it back to the USA and am in the same market and budget.
    Is the LG OLED still the white whale? Is it worth the money to get the 65 incher?
    I will be watching NBA and a shitload of Pixar/fantasy stuff with the kids. Thanks in advance....
  13. drbretto

    drbretto guidence counselor SoSH Member

    I bought the 55 inch LG OLED a month or two ago. One of the best purchases I've ever made. It's THE perfect TV/price combo. Picture is fantastic. Interface is fantastic.

    55 inch or 65 inch is all up to you. I believe the TV is identical other than the size. I was toying with the 65 inch for a bit, but ended up being pretty happy with 55. 55 Inches is actually still pretty damn big.

    Edit: Got the 55" for $1575 from clevelandplasma.com - This being the best reviewed reseller I've seen on the 'net.
  14. MikeM

    MikeM Member SoSH Member

    If you got the money to spare the OLED is definitely a nice step up you won't regret.

    Personally that's a little out of my desired price range, so I'm sort of waiting for the new TCL 6 Series models which are due out pretty soon.
  15. NJ_Sox_Fan

    NJ_Sox_Fan Member SoSH Member

  16. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Member SoSH Member

    I’m not sure what’s in stores right now, but I’ll offer some words of caution. Be careful about buying models a year or two old.

    Some of the less recent Smart TVs lack features and app support that are now pretty standard.

    Got my Samsung SmartTV last summer, and it currently doesn’t work with YouTubeTV, and a couple of other features, such as Smart Home functionality, etc...
  17. DanoooME

    DanoooME Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Just got this year's LG OLED 65" TV. Absolutely amazing picture. It's pricey but worth every penny. It feels like the show is being performed in your living room. Got it from Cleveland Plasma, recommend them highly.
  18. NJ_Sox_Fan

    NJ_Sox_Fan Member SoSH Member

    Just picked up a 65" OLED C8 as well for my new house, to go along with my 2017 LG OLED 55" I already owned. Could not agree more. These are amazing TV's. I am putting a 120" screen and 4k projector in the finished basement, and I am already starting to wonder if I shouldn't have just bought another 65" LG OLED, just because they are so great.

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