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Progress Report

Discussion in 'Minor League Forums' started by bosox79, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    Figured this thread could be used to track which prospects are doing well or not during the season.

    I'll focus on a few of the players doing well, and will stick to hitters who are at least somewhat age appropriate for their league this time around. I will be very optimistic, so read it with Redsox colored glasses. In no particular order:

    Tzu Wei Lin: Lin has been on a tear the last 4 games hitting .533/.588/1.067 in 17 PA. It brings his season line at Pawtucket to .272/.344/.444. His hitting is also resembling his first half of 2017 in that he is hitting many more balls in the air. At still just 24 years old, he is interesting since his approach has clearly changed and it's leading to results. With the ability to play 2b, 3b, SS, CF and the arm strength to play LF and RF, he could actually turn into something valuable.

    Josh Ockimey: After a slow start, where he slashed .200/.333/.275 in his first 48 PA (8bb, 16k) of the year, Ockimey has reversed ship. In the last 28 games, he is slashing .293/.388/.525 in 121 PA (18bb, 32k). That brings his season totals to .266/.373/.453. The strikeouts are still a concern but he also walks a lot and has big time power. He's still only 22 and in AA so he bears watching. If he has any type of future, it's with his bat.

    CJ Chattham: He's not exactly young at 23 and in Salem, but he missed most of last year so it's understandable. In 151 PA this year, he is slashing .315/.344/.432 between A and A+. He appears allergic to walking, having only drawn 5 free passes. Hopefully he starts hitting for more power soon, but given he missed last year and he was a 2nd round pick just 2 years ago, his performance to date is a start. Especially since he's a SS.

    Santiago Espanial: Another guy who isn't exactly young at 23 and in Salem, but he's only been in the system since 2016 and while he wasn't great shakes in 2017, he did make many improvements. This year, he's added power to his game in the short going. In 178 PA, he is hitting .298/.359/.491. He has 7 doubles, 3 triples and 6 HRs (a career high, granted it's his 2nd full season). I'm guessing he'll get a promotion to AA soon, where he will be age appropriate for a legit prospect.

    Roldani Baldwin: Roldani has missed some time this year with injuries so has only played 20 games but he's made the most of them. The 22 year old catcher has slashed .269/.326/.551 for Salem in his 85 PA, including 6 HRs. Baldwin starting hitting for more power last year in his break out season, and he has continued to do so. With his power potential, he is an intriguing prospect.

    Bobby Dalbec: This is a mixed bag. He is hitting for some serious power but striking out entirely too much. Slashing .217/.347/.478 for the year in 196 PA, with 28bb and 62k. Maybe he can make the jump Chavis did in plate discipline, and without the suspension. He gets eaten alive in AA without some sort of adjustment.

    Lorenzo Cedrola: The 20 year old CF is slashing .323/.361/.424 for the year in 103 PA. While fast, it hasn't really translated on the basepaths yet and he will have to hit for more power, but he's shown the ability to hit for average.

    Victor Acosta: After holding his own in a 31 game stint in Salem, the 21 year old Acosta started this year in Greenville. He didn't let that bother him, as he is hitting .310/.342/.497 in 150 PA. He's never been to walk much but he started hitting for power last year and is hitting for even more this year.

    It's not a great group, but it's something. It's mostly a list of players with some pretty good skills but one really bad flaw, whether they strike out too much, don't walk enough, have a noodle bat, etc.
  2. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    Also, Marino Campina, the 20 year old OF in Greenville. He is slashing .244/.294/.482 in Greenville and has started to tap into that crazy power potential that he has in the early going. He also has 9bb/53k in 180 PA to go along with 7 doubles, 3 triples and 9 HRs. His plate discipline will need some serious improvement but that power is real.
  3. Trotsky

    Trotsky Member SoSH Member

    Can Lin not play 2B? I'm not really bullish on Pedroia staying healthy or performing well much at all any longer and with anything close to those offensive numbers, he'd be a great valuable starter there.

    Also... what's Baldwin's defensive rep at C?
  4. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    2b may actually be Lin's best position defensively. He can play 2b, SS, 3b and CF. Considering he has a strong arm, he can probably play LF and RF too. I like Lin a lot and think he could possible develop into a starting quality player at 2b or CF, two areas of potential need.

    Baldwin is a pretty mediocre catcher but opinions on minor league catchers tend to vary a lot. When he first came over to the states, he started at 3b.
  5. keninten

    keninten lurker

    I like Lin @ SS, Bogaerts @ 3B, Devers @1B.
  6. Lose Remerswaal

    Lose Remerswaal Leaves after the 8th inning Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  7. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    Ockimey is now up to .274/.385/.490 in 192 PA with 28bb and 52k, having hit .333/.478/.778 in 23 PA since I made this thread.

    That brings him to .299/.403/.564 in hist last 33 games, 144 PA. 22BB/36k.

    Dalbec's last 6 games: .261/.370/.826 in 27 PA with 4 HRs, 4bb/4k.

    Some pitchers:

    Everyone knows about Beeks and he is starting tonight for the Redsox. He made some changes last year so anything prior to 2017 is probably safe to ignore.

    Chandler Shepherd, 25: I only mention him because for some reason he was converted to a starter this year after having success in the bullpen the previous 4 seasons. He's been about as effective starting as he was out of the pen, albeit he is striking out fewer guys.

    Ty Buttrey, 25: He converted to the pen in 2016 and had mixed results last season. This year it looks like Ty has taken a step forward, striking out 37 and walking 10 in his 22.2 in MR. He has struck out 35% of the batters he's faced and could potentially see time this year in the majors if he keeps it up, though you would like his control to improve a little more. His fastball sits around 95-96 mph.

    Robby Scott, 28: We all saw him last year in Boston but he's been lights out in AAA this year, with an era of 1.77 in 20.1 ip with 31k and 6bb. SSS and all, he is striking out batters at a higher rate than ever before at 38%.

    Daniel Gonzalez, 22: Continuing to improve off a solid year last year, Gonzalez has a 2.93 era in 43ip, with 9bb/47k. A control pitcher, he started to strike out more guys last year.

    Denyi Reyes, 21: Topping out around 90mph and not having all that great of stuff prior to this year (and maybe still?), Reyes has managed to get by on pinpoint command up until this season. Coming into the season, his career K rate was 20.7% and his career BB rate was 2.1%. In 12 games, 9 starts and 64.2 ip this year, Reyes has struck out 26.7% of batters and walked 3.2%. He has 67 strikeouts and 8bb. Curious if his stuff has improved any. He throws strikes.

    Jhonanthan Diaz, 21: Another guy with average stuff at best, Jhon is continuing to have some success at the lower levels. In 61.2ip this year, he has 64k, 19bb with an era of 3.79.

    Kutter Crawford, 22: In his full season debut, Crawford has had great success. In 58.2 ip, he has 69k/18bb with an era of 1.99. We won't know if his stuff holds up until he faces tougher competition.

    Enmanuel De Jesus, 21: He's had a pretty unremarkable career to date but took a step forward last year and has taken an even bigger step forward this year. In 36.1 ip, he has struck out 46 and walked 9. With guys in the low minors, the scouting reports often lag behind during the season, so it's hard to tell if his stuff has taken a huge jump forward, but the results suggest so. He's seen a huge uptick in strikes out while lowering his walk rate.
  8. grimshaw

    grimshaw the new rudy SoSH Member

    Bullpens in their system as as a whole seem to have the most potential to impact the big league roster because let's face it, no one is cracking the everyday lineup for a long time unless Chavis hits like nothing happened when he comes back.

    I'm not thrilled about the prospects of paying Kimbrel 20 mill well into his 30's so I'm hoping they eventually develop their own guy, albeit much less effective. It seems like a good way to cut costs to spend on starting pitching (Sale or someone else if Price opts out or Porcello eventually leaves.

    Also - bad news on CJ Chatham who has been snake bitten. He apparently has some sort of virus that is serious enough to DL him.

    Dalbec kept up his hot streak until yesterday when he went 0-4 with the golden sombrero.
  9. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    Danny Diaz is not doing much else but he has 3 HRs in his first 44 PA (10 games) as a 17 year old. That is pretty impressive. Players don't hit HRs in the DSL. For reference, Devers had 3 in 128 PA, Bogaerts had 3 in 280 PA, Luis Alex Basabe had 1 in 452, Margot had 4 in 309 PA.

    He signed for 1.6mil last year, so he's a legit prospect. He was projected to have above average power.
  10. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    Josh Ockimey Update

    First 18 games: .210/.338/.339 in 74 PA with 12bb/23k on a .297 Babip. He had 13 hits, with 2 doubles, 2 HRs.
    Since, 31 games: .342/.430/.622 in 135 PA with 19bb/32k on a .408 BAbip. He has 38 hits in that time, including 10 doubles and 7 HRs. In he last 96 PA, he's only struck out 19 times to go with 13bb.

    For the year, he's now at .295/.397/.520 in 209 PA with 31bb/55k on a .372 BABip and he's still just 22 years old at AA. Josh works very hard and there are a lot of things to like about his progression from year to year. If he continues to cut down on his K rate and hit for contact, we have something. I get he's a 1b, but I'm surprised more people aren't excited by him.

    Marino Campina since May 1st: .271/.338/.543 in 143 PA with 12bb/32k on a .303 BAbip. He has 35 hits and more than half have been for extra bases, with 8 doubles, 2 triples and 8 HRs in that time period. I mentioned it in the 2nd post, but the dude has some serious power and it's nice to see him hitting. In April, he slashed .191/.267/.353 in 75 PA with 5bb/28k on a .289 BAbip. He's cut back on the strikeouts quite a bit. We'll see if it continues.

    Denyi Reyes continues to dominate batters, going 6 innings in his last start, giving up 4 hits with 2bb and 10k. That brings his season totals to a ridiculous 1.85 era, .927 WHIP in 77.2ip with 10bb/82k. Hitters are slashing .215/.246/.319 off him with a .275 BAbip. I absolutely love control pitchers so this guy is my binkie. I love what he's been able to do so far this season, and really for his whole career.

    I don't know what to think of Santiago Espinal because he's old for Salem, but he's also never repeated a league. Since May 1st, he's slashing .345/.389/.545 with 7bb/18 in 157 PA on a .361 BAbip. Until this year, he hadn't shown any power.

    Since last update, Buttery and Scott continue to dominate AAA hitters. Buttrey 4g, 7ip, 2h, 1bb/10k. Scott 2 games, 3ip, 3h, 1bb, 6k.

    Beeks bounced back from his bad major league debut to the tune of 7 ip, 6h, 1er, 0bb/7k.

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