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Pitching Staff Working Conditions?

Discussion in 'Red Sox Forum' started by Bernie Carbohydrate, May 7, 2019.

  1. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Bernie Carbohydrate writes the Semi-Fin Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I was reading up, trying to figure out the issue with the Sox pitching staff, and I noticed a potential problem. There are issues between Ryan Weber and Brandon Workman.

    Weber says that capitalism is "the systematic robbery of what is necessary for the life of the Workman while he is at work, robbery of space, light, air, and the protection of his person..."

    Weber was great in his debut -- 4 innings pitched, no runs allowed. Meanwhile, Workman has been pretty good as well -- an 0.7 WAR (albeit in only 15 innings). But it seems that Weber complaining about Workman's conditions is a signal that the pitchers aren't receiving the kind of light and air a championship staff needs. It should not have taken journeyman reliever to point this out.

    So, have we checked on Workman lately? I looked for images of his locker and found this:


    [Photo: projo]

    Workman is on the right, and he appears to be wearing eye protection, but inadequate head protection, much less gloves or an appropriate work shirt. Worse, Ryan Brasier (left) looks to be in pain.

    Perhaps a courageous muckraker of the Shankian variety can dig a little deeper, but from where I sit there's an issue here.
  2. The Gray Eagle

    The Gray Eagle Member SoSH Member

    Weber should be fine. The Red Sox have in place a rigid division of labor that clearly identifies regular tasks and duties, with a firmly established chain of command with the duty and capacity to coerce the players to comply with the established rules.

    Going without an established closer this year could be a possible issue, since the relievers would have less rigid and regular roles, but as long as the manager communicates regularly with each reliever to inform them ahead of time which situations they may expect to be used, it shouldn't be a major problem.
  3. Doug Beerabelli

    Doug Beerabelli Killer Threads Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Workman will be fine...he's a Pro(letariat).
  4. Devizier

    Devizier Member SoSH Member

    Max Weber of the famous grilling family, right?
  5. Sox Puppet

    Sox Puppet Member SoSH Member

    What's going to happen when Marcus Walden, in a spirit of civil disobedience, rejects the work environment altogether and moves out to a cabin in Concord?
  6. YTF

    YTF Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    He'll likely spend time reflecting.
  7. Mueller's Twin Grannies

    Mueller's Twin Grannies Member SoSH Member

    That explains why he gets eviscerated on here some times.
  8. AB in DC

    AB in DC OG Football Writing Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Everything should be fine now that we have [josh] A Smith (IHP) making sure to get the Price right.
  9. Pozo the Clown

    Pozo the Clown lurker

    Weber?!? Time for an upgrade!

  10. joe dokes

    joe dokes Member SoSH Member

    All Weber did was slap his own name on a Brasier.
  11. mfried

    mfried Member SoSH Member

    Max Reger+Carl Maria von Weber=Max Weber.
  12. Sox Puppet

    Sox Puppet Member SoSH Member

    I wouldn't buy the Napoleon Grill. I hear the temperature gets too high and it Barnes the meat.
  13. shaggydog2000

    shaggydog2000 Member SoSH Member

    Do you think either of them might demand a trade to the national league where they would be able to seize the means of (run) production?

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