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No NESN Red Sox DVD this year.

Discussion in 'Red Sox Forum' started by soxhop411, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. soxhop411

    soxhop411 Member SoSH Member

    NESN just responded to my email. They are not going to produce one this year and recommend buying the MLB produced one.
    Dear _____,

    Thank you for your recent email.

    Unfortunately, NESN is not producing a 2018 Red Sox Championship video this season.

    I'd suggest you look into the MLB 2018 World Series video. They have a Collector's Edition Blu-Ray and DVD. Visit MLBshop.com to purchase the set.

    Thanks for watching NESN!
  2. Mugsy's Jock

    Mugsy's Jock Longtime Member Lifetime Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Gotta wonder if...

    a.) These DVD sets just aren't moneymakers for NESN? I'd guess they could cover a production budget (<500k, since everything they need is in house except maybe a writer?) pretty easily, but maybe not...


    b.) MLB wants to have their DVDs rule the market and is asking teams not to produce their own.
  3. drbretto

    drbretto guidence counselor SoSH Member

    Every year, the NESN DVD is far better than the MLB DVD. This year's MLB DVD covers pretty much nothing but the World Series, which is practically a footnote.

    I was really looking forward to a DVD being done by a party that understands the game and the fans and would have highlighted the regular season.

    I can't see any way this is justified. I just don't get it. I'm pretty bummed.
  4. DeadlySplitter

    DeadlySplitter Member SoSH Member

    NESN's really gone down the shitter since Don was unceremoniously pushed out. If Remy/Eck weren't around I'd solely line up radio every game.
  5. ifmanis5

    ifmanis5 Member SoSH Member

    Would love to know the reasons behind this. Who made the decision and why. It's a shame, such a great season deserves more than just the MLB version which is never as good.
  6. Murby

    Murby lurker

    Isn’t this why you hire a jerk from ESPN in the first place?
  7. IpswichSox

    IpswichSox Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Thanks, Tom Werner, for ruining Christmas!
  8. drbretto

    drbretto guidence counselor SoSH Member

    So, I was mad so I emailed them like a big angry baby who didn't get their way (a polite angry baby, mind you, I'm not a monster). The response was the deflection I was expecting, but they invited me to call the marketing coordinator if I wished to discuss it over the phone. I was feeling froggy, so I called. Super nice lady, btw.

    Apparently, what happened was that MLB owns the rights to all of the playoff games and they tried to overcharge NESN for those rights, so they had to decline. They wanted to do it, but it just isn't as cheap to produce as we might think, in fact, they projected it would have actually cost them quite a bit to produce. So, they had to make the disappointing call.

    That's actually a pretty solid answer, so I'm good now. It's disappointing, but at least it makes sense.
  9. 24JoshuaPoint

    24JoshuaPoint Grand Theft Duvet SoSH Member

    Wow, that makes sense. Thanks for picking up the telephone.
  10. Ale Xander

    Ale Xander Member SoSH Member

    NESN passed because the cost was too high, film at 11.
  11. The Napkin

    The Napkin wise ass al kaprielian Dope SoSH Member

    Or no film as the case may be
  12. The Gray Eagle

    The Gray Eagle Member SoSH Member

    NESN has an hour-long special of in-season highlights that is well worth watching. It has the generic title "Red Sox Best of 2018 Special." Next airing on NESN: tomorrow at 9PM.
    They should release a DVD of that, it would be a great memento of the best regular season in the history of the team.
  13. joyofsox

    joyofsox empty, bleak Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Why wouldn't NESN - after "getting the bad news" from MLB - simply stick to the regular season, since that it was it was broadcasting all summer long?
    Fans wanting postseason highlights can buy the MLB DVDs (including the 7-game box set).
  14. drbretto

    drbretto guidence counselor SoSH Member

    My guess is that hour-long NESN special The Gray Eagle mentioned was exactly that.

    I watched it, and it feels more like an amateur attempt at a DVD-lite than a straight up countdown of the best moments like I was expecting.
  15. PudgeFIST

    PudgeFIST lurker

    I ordered "Band of Bearded Brothers" after the 2013 World Series win. Never ended up watching it as my BluRay player of the time had died. Recently was packing to move and ran across it, unopened. Popped it in the playstation and watched it.

    Pretty much a garbage production IMHO. Bad dialogue, editing, etc.

    Not sure how they can take what is really just old footage and make you cringe at production values, but they did.

    At some point while watching it, i grabbed the box and said, "this CAN'T be an MLB production....", then realized it was NESN and just watched the rest.

    Can't imagine how anyone would think the NESN production was better than the MLB one. Content on the NESN might be broader through the season, but overall production quality is way lower.
  16. Number45forever

    Number45forever Member SoSH Member

    This sucks. I'm of the camp that the NESN produced versions have been better than the MLB versions for all three previous titles. Was really looking forward to adding the fourth. Sucks the MLB one is so focused on the World Series; this was a really fun regular season. Honestly not even sure I'll buy the MLB version.
  17. Lose Remerswaal

    Lose Remerswaal Leaves after the 8th inning Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I watched this last night. Some great memories packed into that hour, but so little passion. All 13 pitches of the Mookie GS pretty much in real time isn't a good use of a large percentage of 60 minutes. More Hanley than I expected. Didn't hear the name Martinez until half way thru, and I don't think they ever mentioned a big chunk of the team (Leon, Moreland, Vazquez, Barnes, etc). Show ended with Win 106, because wins 107 and 108 weren't on NESN.

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