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Mike Loyko (BSJ writer) and his racist tweets

Discussion in 'Our Errors are Mistakes: The Media Forum' started by Smiling Joe Hesketh, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Smiling Joe Hesketh

    Smiling Joe Hesketh All Hail King Boron Dope

  2. DrewDawg

    DrewDawg Dorito Dink SoSH Member

    He’s claiming he was hacked.
  3. SirPsychoSquints

    SirPsychoSquints Member SoSH Member

    In 2011, and he just found out about it?
  4. DrewDawg

    DrewDawg Dorito Dink SoSH Member

    Long con.
  5. Smiling Joe Hesketh

    Smiling Joe Hesketh All Hail King Boron Dope

    The date on the tweet to Zo is the same day of Game 7 of Bruins-Canadiens in 2011.
  6. Dernells Casket n Flagon

    Dernells Casket n Flagon Member SoSH Member

    Between this and being stuck on the Adam Jones show, it's a tough week for Christian Arcand:

    "I started at ESPNNH in 2011 and Mike Loyko was a frequent guest on both shows I was a part of over the years I worked there - based on his appearances on the show and our correspondences over the years I would be 100% astonished if he authored the tweets in that picture."

    No way it's not 100% authored by Loyko.
  7. cshea

    cshea Member SoSH Member

    They all line up to Bruins games. He deleted all his tweets, but I’d assume he was tweeting during the games too, awfully hard to claim hacking.

    3/8- Bruins lose in MTL (Paciorrety/Chara game)

    4/18- Bruins win game 3

    4/27- Prior to game 7 against MTL

    6/4- Bruins lose game 2 of SCF (Burrows winner after the biting incident)

    6/6- Bruins win game 3; Horton injury game.
  8. JohntheBaptist

    JohntheBaptist Member SoSH Member

    The "I was hacked!" thing is something someone who doesn't know a ton about the internet thinks will work 100% of the time. There are times its plausible enough you can maybe get it out there and let everything blow over. Then there are times claiming it is a big, fat, neon "I'm ALSO a liar, in addition to being a hateful numbskull."

    That Subban tweet in particular, my god. Boston sports media is just total poison.
  9. shaggydog2000

    shaggydog2000 Member SoSH Member

    Were they available in his time line up until
    Do we know when the tweets were deleted. If soon after they went up, it could be a drunken jackass friend doing it under his name. Unlikely, but possible. If it was right after this article comes out, any statement that these were not by him and reflecting his opinions would be a lot harder to accept.
  10. NortheasternPJ

    NortheasternPJ Member SoSH Member

    I’m not a believer in I was hacked but those tweets are so horrible I’m not dismissing it. If those are real fuck him even if he was drunk.
  11. kelpapa

    kelpapa Member SoSH Member

    The tweets were from 2011, and they were deleted after he found out about them this week. He deleted his Twitter account by the looks of it.
  12. Papelbon's Poutine

    Papelbon's Poutine Homeland Security SoSH Member

    If you’re a media member, ‘when you find out’ about your tweets should be about three seconds after they’re posted. ‘I was hacked’ has surpassed ‘it was a tainted supplement’ for bullshit explanations.

    It shouldn’t take you seven years to figure out someone hacked your Twitter. And if it’s true, why nothing outside that stretch?
  13. thebtskink

    thebtskink lurker

    Yeesh, checking his LinkedIn, hes a 4th grade teacher in Mashpee as well. He's probably flailing to save his job. The "in my youth" argument doesnt work, he would've been 27 in 2011 when he tweeted that.

    Not saying that people cant grow out of that abhorrent mindset, but if you truly have grown, a full apology is the way to go here, not the "I got hacked" defense.
  14. bsj

    bsj Renegade Crazed Genius SoSH Member

    He deleted his Twitter now.
  15. JimD

    JimD Member SoSH Member

    Bedard penned a 'note to members' in his BSJ daily briefing this morning:

  16. TFP

    TFP Dope Dope

    You’d think a professional journalist would know the difference between libel and slander.

    Also - the tweets existed as plenty of people screen shotted them, so continually harping on “anonymous twitter user” is lame. Either it was Loyko who wrote them or it wasn’t, it doesn’t matter who brought them to light. This isn’t an instance of taking someone’s word over another.

    I bailed on BSJ for The Athletic once Joey MAC left and haven’t regretted it for a second.
  17. kenneycb

    kenneycb Hates Goose Island Beer; Loves Backdoor Play SoSH Member

    I don’t disagree but what do you want Bedard to say? He’s in CYA mode at a startup and hasn’t had the ability to do the duties of a CEO because he’s in LA for a high traffic event for a flailing company.
  18. chonce1

    chonce1 lurker

    I am suprised there is no news about a 4th grade teacher in Mashpee being connected to racist tweets. 4th graders will know about this. I don't know for sure how to handle it but does the school act? Should it? I don't know, I don't really care to see Loyko's head literally chopped off, but I would also not want a racist tweeter teaching my kids. And I dont even have kids

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