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Mental Health in the NBA

Discussion in 'Mark Blount's Port Cellar: Celtics Forum' started by The Needler, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. The Needler

    The Needler lurker

    I don't think I've seen this specifically mentioned elsewhere, but Jackie Mac just concluded a 5-part series on espn.com concerning mental health in the NBA. Rather than try to jam it into a Fultz or Love, or Trae Young thread, I think it's worthy of its own thread.

    We've talked quote a bit about this stuff, largely in the Fultz thread. In January, while Fultz was still missing, I wrote this:

    Part one is here. It's kind of an overall discussion of mental health issues in the league, and touches quite a bit on the continued stigmatization that may be preventing players from seeking help.

    According to John Lucas, "It's an epidemic in our league," he says. "I'm talking about everything from ADHD to bipolar to anxiety and depression."

    There's a lot to unpack, including the Kevin Love stuff about his panic attacks that has gotten a lot of attention. The Celtics and Ainge feature fairly prominently, unsuprisingly, both because of how forward-thinking the organization is, and MacMullen's proximity to the team. From part 5:

    Jackie also implies Fultz's issues are partially if not wholly mental in part 1:

    I'm not so sure her conclusion is airtight. Of course, Fultz could simply be following the instructions of that kind of social media chain letter and showing support for others. But I did think it was worthy of a mention because I hadn't seen that post.

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