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Let's get this party for the Boston Athletic Academy started!

Discussion in '2018 SoSH Auction for the Boston Athletic Academy' started by Brand Name, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Brand Name

    Brand Name thinks there's no 'i' in denial Staff Member Dope Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    So, here's a good place to give some basic primers. If you have anything that could help intrigue folks for the Boston Athletic Academy, no matter what it may be, just send me a PM to get its approval, and I'll more than likely approve it that same evening at the latest. That could be tickets to a playoff game, a stupid human trick, original artwork, or maybe just a unique experience. Almost anything flies, so long as it's really just appropriate, or your boss looking over your shoulder wouldn't judge you if it was put on your desk at this very moment.

    But why do this? Why add something to your collection? I mean, don't we want to help underprivileged kids, make sure they get an equal opportunity to carry on our love for sports? In turn, given the academy's various foci, we can do that no matter what they go pro in. What we do today will make tomorrow that much better for them, and in as much, is a microcosm for Sons of Sam Horn. We always want to create better discussion and a more informed world, yeah? So why not make that a reality in the physical world, beyond our keyboards? Even beyond the nature of being a good citizen, given the nature of this place, you know unique and fantastic items will be on display. If you're new and haven't seen the precedent, it is always spectacular and the draw of much envy to see what goes by. I know Nip told me once a Red Sox dugout tour was on offer ages ago, to give some idea.

    Best of luck to all posters and bidders! Looking forward to seeing what will be on offer in my PM box soon enough. :)

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