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Korean baseball player, she is 13 years old....

Discussion in 'General Sports' started by oumbi, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. oumbi

    oumbi Member SoSH Member

    I am sure exactly where this thread should be located, so mods, please feel free to move it elsewhere.

    Here is an interesting video of a female Korean baseball player who is 13 years old (14 y.o. in Korean age) and both pitches and bats. She plays on a boys team. Her goal is to make it to the majors, probably in Japan where there is an all women's baseball league. She became interested in baseball when her home town professional team won a title.

    Here is the video. It is in Korean.

    Her name is Park Minseo (박민서). Currently, her fast fastball comes in at 62 mph (100 kph). This is very much in line with American 13 year old little leaguers. She has also played first base and second base.


    On a non-baseball level, she loves to eat ttok bokki (rice cakes in a hot sauce, 떡볶이) and likes to goes out with friends for karaoke, but doesnt have time since she practices baseball. After school, she heads directly to the baseball field to play.
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  2. Reardons Beard

    Reardons Beard Member SoSH Member

    Great story, thanks for sharing. Going to send to friends in Korea and family here.
  3. mt8thsw9th

    mt8thsw9th anti-SoSHal SoSH Member

    And she nearly broke that man's hand!

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