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Is the login button missing?

Discussion in 'SoSH Support & FAQ' started by Scott Cooper's Grand Slam, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Scott Cooper's Grand Slam

    Scott Cooper's Grand Slam Member SoSH Member

    Maybe I'm thick, but is the log-in button on sonsofsamhorn.net missing? I've tried disabling ad-blockers and I'm not running ghostery or noscript or anything like that. Happens on Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari. I'm not significantly impacted here; I just select the Conversations or Alerts icon and it tells me "you must be logged in to do that" before throwing a log-in dialog. So I _can_ log in, it's just... I couldda sworn there was a prominent login button not too long ago.
  2. phrenile

    phrenile Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member


    Just click on the Sign up now! button on the right and it'll bring up a log-in dialog box.
  3. Beomoose

    Beomoose Member SoSH Member

    You can also get it back with the legendary UI.X skin
  4. DennyDoyle'sBoil

    DennyDoyle'sBoil Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill SoSH Member

    Edit: Whoops, wrong thread. Sorry.

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