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Gutsiness is Twitter Blocking Everyone Who's Mean to You -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

Discussion in 'Our Errors are Mistakes: The Media Forum' started by MyDaughterLovesTomGordon, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. shaggydog2000

    shaggydog2000 Member SoSH Member

    The only way he could improve the rankings would be to assign every manager a rating with two decimal places, without giving a methodology, and with the numbers not correlating with the rankings.

    1. Alex Cora - 4.28
    2. Bob Melvin - 5.01
    11 Aaron Boone - Q
  2. joe dokes

    joe dokes Member SoSH Member

    Right, Nick. Character? Not at all. None.
    In fact, they first went after Charlie Manson, but the few remaining scouts forced them to back off when their computers told them that dead guys suck at baseball.
  3. JohntheBaptist

    JohntheBaptist Member SoSH Member

    "This team over here signed character guys that are good at baseball for their character more than their baseball skill so good for them but these nerd computer-havers over there hired character guys but it totally wasn't for their character."

    The guy is fucking braindead.

    (I also love that it seems not a single baseball writer has discovered a synonym for "analytics" yet).
  4. E5 Yaz

    E5 Yaz Transcends message boarding Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Added to the insanity, Nick's knock on not considering character comes directly after he quotes Cash as saying:

    “This is a special group of players. There’s so much positive energy that these guys exhibit on a daily basis. We had that last year and you can see we have it again this year."


    2. If you’re a player 32 or older, don’t expect much of a contract. You don’t score very high on team algorithm models. It’s a good thing that the Red Sox didn’t feel this way about 35-year-old Steve Pearce, the 2018 World Series MVP. Older players do great things. They also provide leadership and chemistry, intangibles lost in those models.
  5. joe dokes

    joe dokes Member SoSH Member

    It's spelled "team algorithim models," but it's pronounced "boogeyman."
  6. John Marzano Olympic Hero

    John Marzano Olympic Hero has fancy plans, and pants to match Dope

    I’m going to ask Nick for $10,000 so I can invest it for him. I don’t know much about the stock market but I have pluck. That’s an intangible, right?

    Maybe he’ll let me do his inevitable open heart surgery. Again, I’m not a doctor but I used to channel surf past ER on Thursday nights.

    I’m glad he’s nowhere near running my favorite team.
  7. Dick Pole Upside

    Dick Pole Upside Member SoSH Member

    Scouts tell me that he chews tobacco, once gave his bullpen coach a hotfoot, and left a bubblegum bubble on the button of an unsuspecting David Price’s hat. Analytics can’t put a value on this, and his stories lift the spirits of teammates during rain delays.

    It’s mystifying how he remains unsigned, and this is Exhibit A about how baseball’s system is broken.

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