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Finn: Red Sox Potentially Changing Radio Broadcast Approach

Discussion in 'Red Sox Forum' started by Chad Finn, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. LeastSculptedJew

    LeastSculptedJew lurker

    I've been listening for a while, hardly ever get to see a game on TV. And I'll agree about Sean McDonough.

    But, not seeing the games, I've never understood the Dave O'Brien hate. The few years he was on radio with Joe C. were a treat -- it sounded like there was real chemistry between Castiglione and him. For the last few years before Dave O'Brien it was sounding like Castiglione had had enough of the Jerry Trupiano show, and when O'Brien showed up it was sheer pleasure. The dull and clunky years with Tim Neverett only reinforce my view that O'Brien was a genuinely good fit. I'd take him back on radio in a NY minute.
  2. Buckner's Boots

    Buckner's Boots Member SoSH Member

    I'm probably the only person who doesn't really like McDonough. I caught the part where Bradford was in the booth on Saturday, talking about the marathon. McDonough was ragging on Bradford's physique ("Have you been training?") as well as on everyone else. It all just kind of came off as wiseass, then retreat to self-deprecation, then more wiseassery...it was just too schticky for me. And his need to get in his wiseass shots cut off Bradford's story at the end of the inning, as well as went over top of Joe's PBP a couple of times. I found myself actually wishing Neverett was still around. And I really didn't think he was anything to write home about.
  3. Just a bit outside

    Just a bit outside Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    I think most people liked DOB on radio. He is not the same on tv. He comes across as a know it all on tv and repeats the same comments throughout the game.
  4. charlieoscar

    charlieoscar Member

    The DOB-Remy combo is beginning to sound like the Orsillo-Remy combo.
  5. koufax32

    koufax32 He'll cry if he wants to... SoSH Member

    A SMD return would also bring back the Haiku Fever from the Nomar days.

    Point, SMD.
  6. CoffeeNerdness

    CoffeeNerdness Member SoSH Member

    I like McDonough, but I completely agree with the assessment of the Bradford segment. It was terrible. It's pretty clear at this point that "more conversational" is just a euphemism for unfunny people force feeding their audience dumb jock humor. It's like listening to any given NFL pregame show "Been working on your golf game much, Dan?" "Not as much as you've been working on the post-game buffet, Boomer." *insert chorus of fake laughs* Even Castig was playing along the other day talking about someone texting him during the game with some useless quip. I believe Bradford even referenced some infamous EEI caller, too (as predicted when this was announced). Every once and a while during these "conversational" segments they mention the on field action. This is such a sad turn for people who enjoy listening to the games.
  7. Pitt the Elder

    Pitt the Elder Member SoSH Member

    I thought SMD was great AND I feel like he overplayed his hand with some of the on-air chuckles. Witty one-liners and tongue-in-cheek observations can really liven up a broadcast, but when it's overdone it starts to feel hackneyed and annoying. There were a few times the guys in the booth were quipping about their name drop competition when they completely messed up the play-by-play, with several belated calls that were clearly done 5-6 seconds after the play.

    You put SMD in the booth full time and I think they figure out the balance, but they messed up it a few times over the weekend.
  8. Pablo's TB Lover

    Pablo's TB Lover lurker

    I think SMD is just feeling himself and getting all the banter and wisecracks out due to the shortened schedule. Not pacing himself over the course of a long season. I for one will be longing for Sean again in mid-summer after a string of (fill in generic PBP guys here).
  9. Cumberland Blues

    Cumberland Blues Dope Dope

    One run game in the 8th inning, I don't want to hear a debate about whether or not manatees are endangered. Save that shit for blowouts.
  10. Delicious Sponge

    Delicious Sponge Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    So well said.

    Baseball is a game you should be able to “watch” on the radio.

    This new format is unlistenable in its own right, but it also robs us of the special experience of listening to the game.

    It’s a horrible idea, and poorly executed at that.

    When will it stop?
  11. Harry Hooper

    Harry Hooper Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    That's on target, I think. It kind of went like this:

  12. Ale Xander

    Ale Xander Member SoSH Member

    McDonough playfully made fun of Bradfo running the marathon, paraphrasing, Bradford running with the Kenyans is like Vasquez at the second base bag with Bogaerts.

    Also crapped on Aruba saying something like you'll like it if you like sand blown in your face and there are better places to go.
  13. Delicious Sponge

    Delicious Sponge Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    And why would legendary broadcasters like McDonough and Castiglione stoop to this level? It’s trash and it’s sad to see them do this.
  14. Red(s)HawksFan

    Red(s)HawksFan Member SoSH Member

    Haven't had the chance to listen to the radio broadcasts at all this year, and the prospects of a Castig/McDonough booth are intriguing to me. The killer to me in what they're doing with the broadcasts is having a third man in the booth at all. Merloni and Bradford and the like serve no purpose in my view.

    Three man booths on TV are barely tolerable but at least you get to watch the action even if the announcers are off on their own tangents. On radio, you get no such luxury. I don't need conversations. I just want descriptions of the game. If nothing's going on between pitches or hitters, silence is okay (though they tend to fill those spots with ads these days which is fine).
  15. joyofsox

    joyofsox empty, bleak Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    It was leaning that way during today's game. If Sean kept up this pace (even if he is ragging on WEEI for squeezing every penny out of advertisers), the sarcasm would get wearying in a hurry. But having the chance to hear him for the first time in a very long time this weekend was a breath of fresh air. And as someone else here pointed out, Castig seemed more energized.

    That digression was fairly short - and the "It tastes like elephant" was both unexpected and delivered well.
  16. The_Powa_of_Seiji_Ozawa

    The_Powa_of_Seiji_Ozawa Member SoSH Member

    My first hearing of Sean this season. I loved hearing him call the game. I don't like the 3 man booth. At all. But as some others have said, it was refreshing to hear him, sarcasm and all. I've always thought he was the best Sox tv guy they ever had since Ned Martin. And he translates to radio just fine. Perhaps even better than tv. I just wonder how long his sort of organizational (and network) criticism will be tolerated. Also, with Sean in there, that was the best I've heard Castig in a long time.

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