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Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

Discussion in 'Our Errors are Mistakes: The Media Forum' started by HomeBrew1901, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. ifmanis5

    ifmanis5 Member SoSH Member

    F&M in their full glory today trashing the Celtics. Stevens can't coach stars. "Mike, there's a culture problem in that locker room."

    Mazz: They don't like each other!

    Felger: They never had it. From day one it was never right.
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  2. j-man

    j-man Member

    they wanted the red sox to lose in Oct the Pats to lose in Jan they are likely to be right about the C'S but If Boston can get the 2 or /3 Seed they couild in the nba finals still i dont trust TOR philly has no bench Milw is all shooters ind has no star power
  3. Dick Pole Upside

    Dick Pole Upside Member SoSH Member

    Not that any of their takes should be considered seriously, but they are particularly and comprehensively horrendous on anything related to the NBA. No deep knowledge or sources on anything. They're literally just flapping their gums in a pathetic attempt to irritate fans.
  4. eddiew112

    eddiew112 Member SoSH Member

    Even when I was still listening to the show I always clicked it off when the Celtics came up. Blatant trolling with the Green Teamer nonsense and mocking the fans for daring to enjoy watching an overachieving team. Felger's open hatred of the modern NBA frequently gets close to uncomfortable territory as well
  5. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    I dunno, half the board sounds like Felger discussing the Celtics.
  6. jayhoz

    jayhoz Ronald Bartel Silver Supporter SoSH Member

  7. Brohamer of the Gods

    Brohamer of the Gods Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    I was actually moved to send Mazz an email the other day. He was talking about all of the new Patriots coaches and said something about a palace coup, but he pronounced it cue. I'll tolerate certain levels of sports talk ass-hattery, but that was a bridge too far.
  8. RedOctober3829

    RedOctober3829 Member SoSH Member

    Only Mazz would find a way to criticize Hayward's game last night.
  9. joe dokes

    joe dokes Member SoSH Member

  10. steveluck7

    steveluck7 Member SoSH Member

    It’s kind of an inside joke with them. Last year, when the Wickersham article came out,
    some dingbat caller was ranting about the “palace cue.” F & M have been using that pronunciation ever since
  11. edoug

    edoug Member SoSH Member

    Cue or queue?
  12. bigq

    bigq Member SoSH Member

    Found myself doing the same today. They can’t get enough of crapping on anything Celtics related. It’s a tired act. Garbage radio.

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