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DoD Warrior Games featuring Jon Stewart and Hannah Storm on ESPN

Discussion in 'General Sports' started by Scott Cooper's Grand Slam, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Scott Cooper's Grand Slam

    Scott Cooper's Grand Slam Member SoSH Member

    I haven't watched SportsCenter regularly since Rich Eisen and Stuart Scott were behind the desk, but I might actually tune in on Friday Night. Jon Stewart and Hannah Storm will co-anchor the 7 PM SportsCenter, which will be broadcasting live from the site of the DoD Warrior Games.

    From the Washington Post.

    ESPN's mainstream sports coverage is awful (as has been covered ad nauseam) but this is reason enough for me to hold my nose and tune in. I'm in the target demographic for professional gaming and drone racing, but I don't get the appeal. I'd love to see more people (especially athletes with disabilities and other underrepresented groups) competing on TV

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