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Chili Davis and Brian Butterfield leave Sox for Cubs

Discussion in 'Red Sox Forum' started by RedOctober3829, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Snodgrass'Muff

    Snodgrass'Muff oppresses WARmongers Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    I understand that what sticks in the memory are the big outs and its easy to assume that the Sox were a bad base running team. But they were actually probably more of an average base running team overall and good to very good team for stolen bases.

    wSB: 4.2 (6th in MLB)
    wGDP: -0.5 (16th)
    UBR: 1.4 (17th)
    Spd: 4.5 (11th)

    These are all Fangraphs metrics for base running. wSB is weighted stolen bases, wGDP is weighted grounded into double plays, UBR is ultimate base running, and Spd is... well... speed score. :)

    If you are curious about the nuts and bolts, they are all in the glossary there.
  2. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    Good job calming down from the game threads and making an all-sense post like that.
  3. soxhop411

    soxhop411 Member SoSH Member

  4. simplicio

    simplicio Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    That launch angle bleep that jacked up everyone else's offense while Boston's sputtered?
  5. BestGameEvah

    BestGameEvah Member SoSH Member

    DennyDoyle'sBoil said:
    I think new managers typically "interview" the existing coaches or at least consider them. I think they usually get to pick their own guys or at least get very significant input. It's possible that the timing her just didn't work out. Maybe Davis and Butter felt in an exposed position, and the Cubs came calling, so they asked the Red Sox to allow them to go instead of waiting for the end of the world series with uncertain job security. Maybe the Cubs weren't willing to wait.

    Or maybe Cora said, "I've got my own guys," and management agreed to give him that authority and cut Butter and Davis loose.

    Red Sox gave permission to everyone who called. They didn't need to be cut loose.
    There were multiple offers made, all with requests to be timely with their answers due to other position hirings, which made it necessary to make a quick decision.
    Had Cora intended to retain any of Willis, Butter or Chili, we would have heard that when reports came out that LaVangie would be part of his staff.
    They weren't in an exposed position. They just needed to weigh their options and commit.
  6. nvalvo

    nvalvo Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Also, why do we act like it needs an explanation why people would choose to go the Cubs while our organization is in turmoil? That might well be a better job.
  7. Red(s)HawksFan

    Red(s)HawksFan Member SoSH Member

    "Turmoil" seems like a strong word for the situation at hand. The coaching staff's status was in flux due to the managerial change, but it's not like things were dire. Coaches moving from team to team is the way of MLB life.
  8. cheekydave

    cheekydave Member SoSH Member

    No Neck Williams says hello
  9. Buzzkill Pauley

    Buzzkill Pauley Member SoSH Member

    Yes. Fuckity-fuckity-fuck him.

    I’m not really too worried about these changes. Coaches come and go, and it’s not like the Red Sox were ever going to impose their FO choices for coaches on Cora.

    The one thing I was hoping to see, though, was Butterfield working with Devers on improving his defense. I do feel like losing that might accelerate his transition to 1B and DH.

    Of course, I’m sure that the next infield coach hired will be hired with that as a known priority.
    #59 Buzzkill Pauley, Oct 29, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  10. absintheofmalaise

    absintheofmalaise too many flowers Dope SoSH Member

    Of course not his primary job, but Cora knows a thing or two about how to play three of the four infield positions and should have time in spring training to impart some of his wisdom on Devers and others.
  11. BJBossman

    BJBossman lurker

    Yeah...you kinda need a coach who is the exact opposite of this.

    Can they hire the guy who fixed Turner? Even if it's weird to hire a private instructor like that, get someone who is well versed in adding the proper hitting emphasis back into the offense.

    I believe over 50% of the runs scored this post season were on HRs (that number is from Joe Sheehan's newsletter).
  12. BJBossman

    BJBossman lurker

    This was my concern with losing Butterfield too. Febles knows a thing or two about infield and has coached Devers before, so hopefully he can help him.
  13. Snodgrass'Muff

    Snodgrass'Muff oppresses WARmongers Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Febles was his manager in Portland where Devers made significant strides defensively. He's about as good a replacement for Butterfield as we can hope for. Has already helped Devers with improving his glove, is Latin American and has been with Devers for a significant amount of time meaning they are comfortable with each other already. And is highly regarded by the organization.
  14. BJBossman

    BJBossman lurker

    Exactly. I'm thrilled with the Febles addition.

    Doesn't mean losing Butterfield didn't hurt. But I agree the organization rebounded nicely here.

    I am really curious what the hitting and pitching coach selections look like.
  15. nvalvo

    nvalvo Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    It's also a good look to promote from your ml system when possible.

    If working for the Red Sox farm system looks like a good career move, that helps the player development folks stock the ml coaching staff with talented, ambitious people.
  16. kartvelo

    kartvelo Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    And "El Guapo."

    And "Slappy McBluelips."
  17. Spelunker

    Spelunker Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member


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