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Celebrating What Is

Discussion in 'Blinded by the Lombardis: Patriots Forum' started by mwonow, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. BaseballJones

    BaseballJones goalpost mover SoSH Member

    Awesome stuff. I think it shows that the most important skills for a QB are: (1) Ability to read and understand a defense, and to know what the right play is, and (2) throwing an accurate ball.

    It's not that arm strength and foot speed are unimportant or unhelpful. But if you have (1) and (2) above, you can be very very successful in the NFL. And Brady obviously has both in spades.
  2. E5 Yaz

    E5 Yaz Transcends message boarding Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  3. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    Jim Ed Rice in HOF Red-headed Skrub child SoSH Member

  4. simplyeric

    simplyeric aggressively nonsensical SoSH Member

    I love how modest that boat is.
    I mean, except for the name.
    Edit: Covered hours earlier in the other thread. Hmph.
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  5. bootymfg

    bootymfg lurker

    Before we go ascribing Intangibles (and welcoming comparisons to Bonds), how much of this trend is attributable to league-wide changes? How has league average ANY/A changed over that time?

    I don't see a league adjusted version ANY/A, but just looking quickly, Eli was 20th this year with a 6.21. That would have ranked 5th in 2001 (with a sizeable gap over #6 Peyton with 5.88). In 2010, it would have ranked 12th, coming in just ahead of 2010 Eli, who had 6.09. So Brady isn't the only one whose ANY/A is better these days than back in the day.

  6. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    Well, I gave a lot more stats, including year-by-year assessment context for both statistics, over in the Brady thread. We can take it over there.

    ...except first, I'll echo one point from over there: There was a jump from 2003 to 2004 of almost a full ANY/A yard among the entire top 20 QBs in the league. Just an extraordinary degree of change. Wonder how that happened.

    (also, PFR has league-indexed, 100-mean stats for passers in like 10 different categories, including ANY/A and passer rating, so you can peruse those if interested - I go into that in the other post)
  7. Dogman2

    Dogman2 Yukon Cornelius Dope

    Let's add to the discussion instead of posting memes or every thought that pops into your head.

  8. tims4wins

    tims4wins PN23's replacement SoSH Member

    I get where you are coming from, but I am genuinely curious whether instaface was being serious with his "not sure how that happened" comment.
  9. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    I was not. I guess the italics was still too subtle.
  10. Jimbodandy

    Jimbodandy Member SoSH Member

    Dumb question perhaps, but was that the implementation of the Polian rules?
  11. johnmd20

    johnmd20 literally like ebola Lifetime Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Yes. And yes.
  12. mwonow

    mwonow Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    So there are almost as many threads on BB as DJT, but I feel like we need to include another BB shoutout here.

    From Mic'd Up - there's a great moment at 29:18 where BB looks at the way the Rams D is aligned (1:1 on Gronk on the outside) and mutters, "we might have a shot here." At 32:46 he sees Goff throw a duck and states what should happen next: "Intercept it." And at the point at which this clip is supposed to pick up (30:26), where BB says to his D "They can't beat us....if we're on it (or is that "honest"?), they don't got anything."

    BB, for who football is like a clear glass windowpane - he sees right through it.

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