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Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

Discussion in 'Red Sox Forum' started by LesterFan, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. LesterFan

    LesterFan Member SoSH Member

    How about a thread to compile some of the best moments of this incredible run. Videos, gifs, etc. I'll start it simple with the final out.

  2. budcrew08

    budcrew08 Member SoSH Member

    How about Holt’s cycle? Almost forgotten through everything else.
  3. Tokyo Sox

    Tokyo Sox Baka Gaijin Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    A small moment I really enjoyed was how big and lasting a smile Pedroia greeted Price with when Price exited the game.
  4. BigSoxFan

    BigSoxFan Member SoSH Member

    Really glad Sale got his postseason moment. Was weird seeing him not really be a factor but he was clearly dealing with physical ailments. And the look on his face before the pitch was priceless.
  5. ookami7m

    ookami7m Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  6. keninten

    keninten lurker

    My favorite. Walk-off defensive plays like that are better than a grand slam to end it
  7. reggiecleveland

    reggiecleveland sublime Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    My list (subject to edit)

    Benitendi's catch
    Mitchie's 4 bags
    Pearce HR game 3
  8. Beomoose

    Beomoose Member SoSH Member

    Holt's Cycle
    Pearce's "Holy Shit, what did I Do?" face in G4
    Price wanting to pitch in EVERY game and being GREAT when he did
  9. bosockboy

    bosockboy Member SoSH Member

    Beni’s catch
    Pearce’s homer/gapper
    Nunez to Pearce MFY final out
    Moreland’s dinger
    Holt’s cycle
    Devers homer off Verlander
    Jackie’s granny
    Nunez’ pinch hit homer

    Those are my biggies.
  10. santadevil

    santadevil Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Nathan Eovaldi with the guttsiest pitching performance of the Postseason. Dude killed himself in Game 3, throwing more pitches than any WS starter this year, after pitching in Games 1 and 2. Some of the best I've ever seen.

    Steave Pearce with the pick to end the ALDS. Guy played great defense all through the Postseason. I thought he broke his neck in Houston

    Mookie's gun to nab Kemp, killing a potential rally before it could start. Huge moment shifter

    Beni's outfield defense, over and over and over

    JBJ's 2 out hitting

    Devers being clutch and just hitting singles, chance after chance. And for nabbing Machado yesterday on a very nice play

    David Price turing into David Price, playoff stud. The talent has always been there, but making a mid-Postseason adjustment and asking for the ball, game after game. They don't win without this guy

    Chris Fucking Sale, with the rally cry and for making Machado look stupid to seal the Championship

    The rest of the relief pitching, they were nails and I was never nervous with them, no matter who came in

    Nunez game 3, killing himself to tru and get this team another win. Huge respect

    Leon and Vas's catching. Those guys were absolute brick walls behind the plate. We saw catching issues with other teams over and over. The Sox didn't have those issues

    Vas's AB's. He had a couple that were huge. HR against the Yanks, 2 out, 0-2 count to start the rally in Game 2 against Ryu

    Madson allowing each inherited runner to score
    #10 santadevil, Oct 29, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  11. chawson

    chawson Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    1. Mookie’s fan interference catch in ALCS Game 4, the best baseball game I have ever seen
    2. Eovaldi’s six extra innings
    3. Price dominating the Astros in Game 5 when everyone had already closed the book on him (and then doing it again twice for good measure)
    4. Nunez’s pinch hit 3-run liner off Wood’s slider at his shoelaces
    5. Bradley’s grand slam off Osuna in Game 3
    6. Beni’s catch
    7. Vazquez’s toilet shot
    8. Nunez’s catch into the stands
    9. Brocky’s cycle
    10. Cora nearly always making the right choice about who to play at 2B/3B
    #11 chawson, Oct 29, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  12. JohntheBaptist

    JohntheBaptist Member SoSH Member

    There were so many, and it is a weird choice, but the first thing I will always think about when I think of this postseason is Eovaldi's 96 pitches in relief in Game Three. Not a "moment" I know, but that was utterly beyond words.

    Nunez's play in New York and Benintendi's in Houston to end games are absolutely up there.

    And underrated one for me is Mookie throwing out Kemp at second in Houston. The dominance of the OF defense overall, really. Pearce's HR to tie Game Four got me amped the hell up.

    This will be a fun thread, poring over these details.
    #12 JohntheBaptist, Oct 29, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  13. BornToRun

    BornToRun Member SoSH Member

    -Barnes freezing Tyler White on a curve in Game 4 of the ALCS
    - Evo blowing away Bregman with 102 in Game 5
    -Workman striking out Torres with a 3-2 breaking ball and the bases loaded in Game 1 against the MFY
    -Sale coming on in the 8th of Game 4 against NY and getting a 1,2,3 inning
  14. patinorange

    patinorange Member SoSH Member

    Sale getting a hero's send off in the Boston bullpen from his teammates. I don't think I have ever seen anything like that. If anyone could post that I would appreciate it. I would like to watch in a loop about a hundred times.
  15. The Filthy One

    The Filthy One Member SoSH Member

    Brasier telling Gary Sanchez to get in the fucking box. Even though it came in a loss, it seemed like it typified the attitude of the whole team.
  16. normstalls

    normstalls Member SoSH Member

    That and Eovaldi’s effort... two moments, both in rare post season losses, were huge, inspiring moments. I think the team was fired up by them too.
  17. brandonchristensen

    brandonchristensen mad photochops SoSH Member

    Eovaldi’s “second start”. That was such a strange game and a strange game thread to boot. With half of the posters long gone, the contingency of leftovers got to watch something pretty unprecedented. All the while Nunez was doing an old Charlie Chaplin sketch and playing slapstick humor.

    It was bizarre and it had an undeserved ending, but it was genuinely incredible to watch.

    The 10D catch. Unbelievable.

    The Tony Kemp/Mookie Betts take two. After two calls in the prior game, there was a sweet satisfaction to virtually the same plays happening again and Kemp not catching it, but Mookie does.

    The Holt cycle. Pure fun.
  18. pgeyer13

    pgeyer13 lurker

    This. And Price getting amped in the bullpen and kicking the wall.

    The mental image of guys crowding the door of the manager's office announcing they were good to go tomorrow...
    I love this team.
  19. canyoubelieveit

    canyoubelieveit Member SoSH Member

  20. garlan5

    garlan5 Member SoSH Member

    this guy live streamed the game and posted to youtube if you would like a in stadium watch of key moments. He zoomed in on Sale coming out of the pen.
  21. garlan5

    garlan5 Member SoSH Member

    Also including players post game response to questions about Sale's speech

    #21 garlan5, Oct 29, 2018
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  22. streeter88

    streeter88 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Machado strikes out twice, to end the first inning, and then to end the WS. He really gave the ump a mouthful in the first inning, looked like he narrowly avoided getting thrown out.

    Also really enjoyed the great human moments: the bear hug that Holt gave JD after his HR, Price so emphatic coming off the mound at the end of the 7th, the great gesture Pearce gave the dugout after his second HR as if to say to Price "Top that for MVP!" etc.

    Must have been a very fun night for the Sox in LA. So devoid of last night's tension, almost looked preordained.
  23. MillarTime

    MillarTime Member SoSH Member

    Every Joe Kelly appearance
  24. gtmtnbiker

    gtmtnbiker Member SoSH Member

    This was my favorite moment.

    This was also really good.

    I also never ever tire of Mookie greeting the guy who just hit a HR and takes his helmet off. Mookie has such a great smile and is genuinely happy.

    I was also impressed with Dever's fielding performance in the World Series. It seems that he spent extra time working on his game or something. He threw the ball very well.
  25. DennyDoyle'sBoil

    DennyDoyle'sBoil Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill SoSH Member

    “Post that” from Price after Eovaldi blew away Bregman.
  26. tbrown_01923

    tbrown_01923 Member SoSH Member

    I really enjoyed watching joe kelly - he was locked in and pitching. I felt he had a danger to him - perhaps irrational but his performance was as compelling to me as was that of Nathan and the rest of the starters humping as the relief corps. That said DAVID PRICE. Desperate for the ball, the moment and the team - all heart.
  27. mikeford

    mikeford woolwich! SoSH Member

    Joe Kelly's final appearance and screaming FUCK YEAH as he walked off the mound

    That guy had a rough season but my god did he sack up in October.
  28. Fisks Of Fury

    Fisks Of Fury Member SoSH Member

    Seconded. Went looking for it this morning, but couldn't find it.
  29. BroodsSexton

    BroodsSexton Member SoSH Member

    Austin Romine.
  30. Zupcic Fan

    Zupcic Fan loves 8 inch long meat SoSH Member

    I of course love all thes moments. But the two that stand out most for me are the play made by Nunez and Pearce to end the Yankee series and the play made by Devers against Machado in the 9th of game 4 of the World Series. Why? Because in each of those cases I was a nervous wreck watching Kimbral struggling so badly, and I still am not sure how those games end up if the plays weren’t made. I suppose I should be used to it and avoid the game threads, which I hate, but I was really annoyed by all the snide shit jokes made about Núñez in there because of his error in the Houston game. I’ll love him forever after a season of constantly being annoyed by him simply because of that game saving play when Kimbral was imploding.
  31. Lowrielicious

    Lowrielicious Member SoSH Member

    There was a great moment where Price met Kelly on the top step after that K too. Haven’t found it on replay anywhere yet.
  32. section15

    section15 Member SoSH Member

    He could get away with more, he was "protected". When you're a designated "star" you can get away with it.

    I'd have to say Pearce's gapper in game 4. The Dodgers had a momentum shift in the 18 inning game, I was fearful that they had the advantage - but the pendulum definitely swung back to the Sox with that one, there was no looking back after that.

    My favorite World Series moment was personal - I fell down at Wellington Station, suffered what could have been a broken nose - bloodied, cleaned up, bandaged up, rebandaged at Fenway Park, and got through the second game of the World Series, still in some pain but we survived - and also - everyone in our section said goodbye for the off-season, and also to our ushers, we knew they were going to win it out there and there would be no 6th or 7th. Not unhappy about that. We preferred they win it out there to a 6th game here.
  33. Savin Hillbilly

    Savin Hillbilly loves the secret sauce SoSH Member

    Rafael Devers' emergence as a two-way player and future superstar. That's not exactly a moment, so if I have to pick one, I'll say the three-run jack in ALCS Game 5 that broke the back of the best team in our way.
  34. DennyDoyle'sBoil

    DennyDoyle'sBoil Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill SoSH Member

    Six innings in the World Series. More than Porcello or Sale. Every pitch high leverage. Zero walks.

    He just shut the door.
  35. Remagellan

    Remagellan Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Rafael Devers, Game 4 World Series

    Singles in go ahead run with one out.

    Takes off on Swihart’s grounder, turning a potential inning ending DP ball into a 4-3 groundout, extending the inning. Then they walk Betts, Beni gets the infield single, MVPearce clears the bases and later comes around on X’s single, none of which happens if Devers doesn’t hustle to second.

    Then in the bottom of the ninth, he makes an all-world play to retire Machado for a crucial second out to quell a potential Dodger comeback.

    Just sterling work all around by a young man known mainly for his bat.
  36. santadevil

    santadevil Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Look at Garlan's post with the guy that live streamed. Right around 3:06 mark is when Sale came in. He got a decent shot of the bullpen
  37. desertrat75

    desertrat75 lurker

    The killer b's running off the field in slow-motion after the final out had me in tears.
  38. Doug Beerabelli

    Doug Beerabelli Killer Threads Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I'll add Mitchie Two-bags going 4 bags in WS game 4. The other slice of bread in the Sale/Moreland wake the f up sandwich.
  39. TheShynessClinic

    TheShynessClinic SoSH's Doug Neidermeyer SoSH Member

    Has anyone seen a picture of the three B's coming in from the outfield after the final out?

    The video reminded me instantly of the famous Bergeron/Marchand/Seguin photo from Toronto in 2013.
  40. Mooch

    Mooch Member SoSH Member

    "Get back in the fucking box!"

  41. MillarTime

    MillarTime Member SoSH Member

  42. DrewDawg

    DrewDawg Dorito Dink SoSH Member

  43. Lowrielicious

    Lowrielicious Member SoSH Member

    Haven’t seen a pic, but here’s the gif.
  44. gtmtnbiker

    gtmtnbiker Member SoSH Member

    That was a beautiful hit. It's almost better than a grand slam. Clears the bases but you still have a guy on second putting pressure on the pitcher. A great trait of this year's team is how we have so many players who can run well and will take the extra base. It's something only a hardcore baseball fan can appreciate.
  45. rymflaherty

    rymflaherty Member SoSH Member

    From a highlight perspective, Benintendi’s catches are the first thing that come to mind.

    But there is another one that I’ve been making sure to remember, as it’s likley to be forgotten - Vaz’s 5th inning AB in Game 2.
    Trailing 2-1 with Ryu seemingly unhittable it was Vaz of all people to have a great AB and come up with the single extending the inning...leading to the 4-2 lead by the end of the inning and control of the series.
  46. DennyDoyle'sBoil

    DennyDoyle'sBoil Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill SoSH Member

    The Devers hit in game 4 was huge too.

    Managing these late game tie games in a long series as the AL manager in the other team’s Park is really hard. It’s practically a completely different game. This is a rookie manager doing it with nothing more than a few NL inter league series under his belt, a couple of which were 2-game series and others that weren’t this tight.

    Cora managed both games to go all in for the win. The first time it blew up because they just couldn’t get that third out, but sure enough the fucker did it again the very next night after one of the most devastating losses you can imagine.

    He wasn’t completely sold out there but he had pushed a shitload of chips to the middle of the table to bet on the bottom of his order. That was a tough game to manage. Maybe almost impossible after the night before. All you can do is put them in position. And Devers paid it off big time.

    Pearce’s double and the Hernandez home run off Kimbrel make it easy to forget what came before. But when Rafi came up he didn’t know about any of that. And without that hit we might have been looking at 14 innings or worse, losing in the bottom of the ninth. And I’m not sure they overcome that. That hit just seemed like it lifted a weight and got the Sox back to having the upper hand and erasing the night before. Moreland and Pearce did the heaviest lifting, but when Devers’ ball went through I think that was the point of no return for the Sox. I think the Championship was won right there. He didn’t have a great Series, like he did the ALCS, but I think that was one of the most important moments of the year and likely will be forgotten in years to come. So, I just wrote a long post about.

    And of course the guy who got it started is Brock Holt. You could write another 1,000 words about that guy. “Tenth man” doesn’t do it near justice. He’s not a superstar but if you wanted to find the soul of this team — the thing that makes them so resilient and fun — it just might be Brock Fucking Holt.
  47. Sox Ecstatic

    Sox Ecstatic Member SoSH Member

  48. Bleedred

    Bleedred Member SoSH Member

    People have all the great stuff covered. What has struck me over the past week or so is how much this team seems to genuinely love playing baseball with and for each other. There's an authenticity and joy to their play and reactions, and while it sounds sappy, it's thrilling as a fan to be a part of it. I think Cora has a ton to do with it, as the guys to a man seem to revere him. Their joy is our joy, times 100.
  49. TFisNEXT

    TFisNEXT Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Here were my favorites leading up to the world series:

    - Chris Sale's game 1 against MFY...wasn't 100% but gutted it to the 6th inning and got the win. It was his best start of the postseason but it was an important one.

    - JDM's 3-run HR in first inning of game 1 vs MFY. Set the tone for the playoffs that the Red Sox wouldn't be intimidated by all the underlying talk that they couldn't survive the AL Gauntlet

    - Eduardo Nunez's game-saving play to eliminate MFY in game 4. Who knows what happens if he doesn't make that play.

    - Eovaldi's game 3 start at HOU. Clearly didn't have his best stuff, but gutted out 6 innings and left with a 3-2 lead...which led to this.....

    - JBJ's Grand Slam to clinch game 3. Felt really huge at the time to go into Houston and grab the HFA right back.

    - Tendi's catch to save game 4 in Houston. Kimbrel was in full meltdown mode and Benny said "no way, we aren't losing like this."

    - Eovaldi blowing away Bregman on 102mph in the 8th inning of game 5 with a 4-1 lead. You felt that Houston was sensing it was over at this point.
  50. Savin Hillbilly

    Savin Hillbilly loves the secret sauce SoSH Member

    Man, I could just sit and watch that for hours. Beautiful.

    My mind still keeps going back to the Nunez quote in the postgame interview where he said something about Cora like "He made me feel better than what I am." That's a pretty good one-line definition of leadership.

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