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ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

Discussion in 'Red Sox Forum' started by DeadlySplitter, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. DeadlySplitter

    DeadlySplitter Member SoSH Member

    Broadcast: TBS, Anderson & Darling again, at least we get Pedro in pre/post game.

    Game 1, Sat 10/13, 8:09pm: Verlander vs Sale
    Game 2, Sun 10/14, 7:09pm: Cole vs Price

    Game 3, Tue 10/16, 5:09pm: Eovaldi vs Keuchel
    Game 4, Wed 10/17, 8:39pm: Porcello vs Morton
    Game 5, Thur 10/18, 8:09pm: Price vs Verlander

    Game 6, Sat 10/20, 8:09pm if necessary: Cole vs Sale (5:09pm only if NLCS goes the full 7)
    Game 7, Sun 10/21, 7:39pm if necessary

    Following image is umpire assignments. they will rotate up one slot (and HP to RF) each game.



    FWIW, both Fangraphs (53.3%) and 538 MLB Predictions (52%) have the Astros as slight favorites. They aren't hitting as insanely well as last year, but still plenty good. The main separation is their pitching has been lights out all year, with Verlander and Cole are two legitimate #1s this year - it would be really preferable that Price unfucks himself so we can attempt to match that pairing.

    The pupil (Cora) taking on his teacher (Hinch) will be a storyline. Mookie vs Bregman will also be a storyline. Both teams are very likeable except for Osuna, HOU's closer they acquired from TOR at the deadline despite domestic violence issues.

    I'm not even thinking about last year's ALDS series. HFA is flipped, we're a completely different team. This should be a lot of fun.
    #1 DeadlySplitter, Oct 10, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  2. brandonchristensen

    brandonchristensen mad photochops SoSH Member

    All I wanted from this post season was to advance further than the Yankees.

    The Astros are a crazy good team. They aren't built around 4IP starts, their starters can go deep. Sox split the season series 3-3 with them, though to be fair, one win was aided by a blind call at home on Altuve.

    Betts needs to unfuck himself.
    10D needs to find his power.
    JD needs to stop hitting the warning track.

    Free Brock Holt.

    Price needs to earn his salary.

    That is all.

    Oh, and fuck Craig Kimbrel. Stop throwing slop.
  3. DeadlySplitter

    DeadlySplitter Member SoSH Member

    Astros won 4-3 actually. The series in Houston was a 4-game split. It was also when Mookie was on the DL, but JD was really good and so was Moreland at the time.

    in other words, not very relevant now.
  4. bankshot1

    bankshot1 Member SoSH Member

    Game 2 Sunday night up against the Pats-Chiefs on SNF

    Price needs not to be a fucking zombie
  5. DeadlySplitter

    DeadlySplitter Member SoSH Member

    yep, that's going to be hell to double watch.
  6. soxhop411

    soxhop411 Member SoSH Member

    I forgot that Stephen Curry is a Sox fan... He is tweeting about the sox tonight
  7. DegenerateSoxFan

    DegenerateSoxFan Member SoSH Member

    As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to hate having the Pats kicking off at 8:30 on Sundays for so many of their games...
  8. LesterFan

    LesterFan Member SoSH Member

    The fact that the Astros are favored, despite not having home-field, shows how freaking good they are. This is going to be a tough series. Price has pitched well against them, both this year and last postseason out of the pen. Absolutely need him to step it up. Everyone does.

    The player I'm most concerned about on the Astros is Alex Bregman. Dude is a monster. Nearly impossible to strike out and and doesn't chase pitches. Make a mistake and he makes you pay. Went 5-9 with a 2B and 2 HRs with 4 walks vs the Indians.
  9. soxhop411

    soxhop411 Member SoSH Member

    Chad says we get Anderson/Darling/Shehadi. NO ECK
  10. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    I’d rather Fox and Joe Buck even if they brought back McCarver.
  11. uncannymanny

    uncannymanny Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Ugh I thought we’d be moving on to Fox. The TBS booth is terrible and the production is worse.
  12. Devizier

    Devizier Member SoSH Member

    Feels like if Karate Kid had an extended version where Danny Larusso has to fight Chong Li after defeating Johnny Lawrence.
  13. Lose Remerswaal

    Lose Remerswaal Leaves after the 8th inning Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I wouldn't mind if the Sox rotation went Sale/Eovaldi/Porcello followed by Price or Rodriguez, whoever has better numbers against Houston
  14. lapa

    lapa lurker

    Please tbd something to 4pm ET or earlier, at least Game 1 in Saturday is doable with a deal with the Missus for getting up early with the kids on Sunday
  15. bsj

    bsj Renegade Crazed Genius SoSH Member

    Cant believe they wont move that Sunday game to 4. Boston ratings will be halved if not worse.
  16. Trotsky

    Trotsky Member SoSH Member

    What's the preferred thread starting situation? Like regular season and streaks keep going?
    Anyhow... I'm expecting Price to bounce back this series. Take away his Yankee games and he's a great pitcher. Dude needs to go to a shrink. It's clearly not an injury and he's not tipping pitches against one team and one team only... so it's clearly psychological.
    But I'm not very confident in our pen against the Astros. I think I'd prefer to see Eovaldi as a bullpen arm and Rodriguez as the Game 4 starter. Kimbrell gets one chance to close down a game... but who takes over if he gets bumped? After some game one ALDS hiccups, I have to say that Brasier looks comfortable there and has some attitude you want in a closer.

    But Houston is a killer. I live in Austin and I have lots of Astros friends that were moaning and groaning when they were struggling to score this year and I kept telling them that they're still likely the WS favorite. Offensive struggles for teams that have that potential can just suddenly snap and they'll turn into a beast again.... they look loaded and scary.

    My prediction? I'll be starting Game One of the World Series game threads.
  17. Jerry’s Curl

    Jerry’s Curl lurker

    Going to be a great series with the best two teams remaining in the playoffs. Cora vs his old team. IMO we have to take game one since Cole vs Price favors them. Can Sale make three starts in this series?
  18. richgedman'sghost

    richgedman'sghost Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Disagee strongly...WTF is your problem with Darling? McCarver should have been retired about 5 years before he actually did. Darling is one of the best analysts in the game. I love him the few times I watched the Mets this year.
  19. CantKeepmedown

    CantKeepmedown Member SoSH Member

    I assume they had this locked in before knowing the ALCS participants? There will be a lot of eyes going back and forth Sunday night.
  20. Ferm Sheller

    Ferm Sheller Member SoSH Member

    Sigh. If we’re not constantly hitting F5 on the keyboard, we’re pushing “Last” over and over on the tv remote. How did our forefathers ever survive?
  21. RedOctober3829

    RedOctober3829 Member SoSH Member

    What a great problem to have, isn't it?
  22. rodderick

    rodderick Member SoSH Member

    Put one game on the TV, stream the other on your laptop, leave the cellphone for gamethread raging on SoSH. Done.
  23. ricopetro6

    ricopetro6 lurker

    don't see how Price should get 2 starts over either Porcello, Eovaldi
  24. Ferm Sheller

    Ferm Sheller Member SoSH Member

    What, and make my iPad and Apple Watch feel left out?
  25. Pitt the Elder

    Pitt the Elder Member SoSH Member

    Suggesting that Kimbrel be bumped from the hill based on his tight rope walk yesterday is a severe overreaction, IMO. He's still by far our best reliever and, short of having a completely rested Sale ready to go in the 9th, he's our best weapon.

    The Price animosity also confuses me. He's a good pitcher and, his Yankee bugaboo aside, he's done well for us this year. At best, jumping on him and booing him for a bad outing is counter-productive. Why boo your own guy and dangle the threat of tearing him a new one if he gets off to a poor start in the next home game? I'm no sports pyschologist, but if you want to amp up a guy's anxiety and fear of failure, that's how you do it.
  26. lapa

    lapa lurker

    It’s possible the idea was suggested by undermanned and overextended cardiac care units at the local hospitals.
  27. RGREELEY33

    RGREELEY33 Potty Mouth Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    This should be an incredibly fun series to watch. It has a 2013 Tigers-Sox feel to it to me. Big gun starters that should overmatch the Red Sox. Should.
  28. Average Reds

    Average Reds Dope Staff Member Dope V&N Mod SoSH Member

    I really like Darling as a part of the Mets broadcast team, and he was great when the Mets were in Fenway this year.

    I was not a fan of his work in the ALDS. I'm not sure why he went there, but his harping about the unwritten rules/"respect for the opponent" in game 3 was epically stupid.

    If we get the guy from the ALDS, then the criticism is more than justified.
  29. Andrew

    Andrew broke his neck in costa rica SoSH Member

    So you’re saying to not worry about a thing? Every little things gonna be all right?
  30. IHateDaveKerpen

    IHateDaveKerpen Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    The Sox and the ‘Stros are my two favorite teams - I was born in Houston, but I did most of my growing up in Winchester. This was easier for me when they were in different leagues.

    The ‘Stros finally got over the hump. Go Sox.
  31. bosockboy

    bosockboy Member SoSH Member

    Eovaldi is pretty key yet again. Astros thumpers are all RHH.
  32. CoffeeNerdness

    CoffeeNerdness Member SoSH Member

    I like Darling too, even after his unwritten rules bs the other night. Anderson, however, is so bad it's painful.
  33. BaseballJones

    BaseballJones goalpost mover SoSH Member

    Hahahahaha this is perfect.

    Houston is an absolute monster of a team. They literally have everything:

    - Incredible starting pitching. Five starters, all with ERAs of 3.86 or better.
    * Verlander - 2.52 era, 0.90 whip, 12.2 k/9, postseason stud
    * Cole - 2.88 era, 1.03 whip, 12.4 k/9
    * Keuchel - 3.74 era, 1.31 whip, 6.7 k/9 (might be the easiest to hit but he'll be a tough lefty for us)
    * Morton - 3.13 era, 1.16 whip, 10.8 k/9
    * McCullers - 3.86 era, 1.17 whip, 10.0 k/9

    Obviously one of these guys won't start, but whoever doesn't start will be a very nice bullpen addition. Which brings me to....

    - Tremendous bullpen.
    * McHugh - 1.99 era, 0.91 whip, 11.7 k/9
    * Rondon - 3.20 era, 1.32 whip, 10.2 k/9
    * Peacock - 3.46 era, 1.17 whip, 13.3 k/9
    * Harris - 3.49 era, 1.09 whip, 10.2 k/9
    * Smith - 3.74 era, 1.01 whip, 9.1 k/9
    * Osuna - 1.99 era, 0.88 whip, 7.5 k/9

    I mean, they just have great arm after great arm coming out of the pen. We saw last year that they can be hit, but still, this is a great group that will be very tough on the Sox. So expect low-scoring outputs for Boston, which they could win, but that brings me to....

    - Great, diverse offense.
    * 4th in runs scored
    * 7th in homers
    * 5th in OPS
    * 4th in OBP
    * 10 guys with 10+ homers
    * 9 guys with 100+ ops+ number

    So it will be difficult to keep this team down. Plus they have tremendous championship experience. Oh, and they won't beat themselves. They committed the fewest number of errors in all of MLB. Had the highest fielding percentage.

    So they're a team that literally can do anything. The only thing they don't excel at is base-stealing. 71 steals (19th in MLB) at a rate of 73.2% (12th in MLB). So even at that they're basically average. They hit, hit with power, hit situationally well, run the bases well, are great at fielding, and their starting and relief pitching is both elite. They have championship experience, a good manager, and have big-time swagger.

    This team is an absolute juggernaut. Goliath in every sense of the word.

    But Goliath got taken down by a single stone.

    And let's be honest. Boston isn't David. Boston just ripped apart the 100-win Yankees by outscoring them 20-4 in two games in Yankee Stadium. They used their #3 and #4 starters and held the all-time best HR-hitting team homerless in two games in the Bronx with the season on the line. The Sox played sterling defense, had *great* situational hitting (20 runs with just a couple of homers...just 3 rbi on those two homers), and the bullpen was fantastic. The Sox are managed well and let's not forget, have HFA because while Houston won 103 games, Boston won FIVE MORE.

    This series should be incredible.
  34. uncannymanny

    uncannymanny Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    You have to like having Cora and his inside knowledge of the Astros. It will all come down to starting pitching in this one.
  35. Bob Montgomery's Helmet Hat

    Bob Montgomery's Helmet Hat has big, douchey shoulders Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I guess we'll have to wait until the WS to face a team without a domestic abuser as their closer.
  36. patoaflac

    patoaflac Member SoSH Member

    At least baseball starts 90 minutes before ,so in theory only the first half of the Patriots will overlap.
  37. BigPapiLumber Co.

    BigPapiLumber Co. Member SoSH Member

    The Brewers bullpen ace, though, does have some issues of his own that make him a perfectly hateable villain.
  38. Madmartigan

    Madmartigan Member SoSH Member

    Edit: wrong thread
  39. Merkle's Boner

    Merkle's Boner Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Two things I'll be watching is how Cora plays the catcher situation, and whether he gives a start to Eovaldi or EdRod. I was not a big fan of playing Vazquez over Sandy, but it sure as hell worked, so does Cora stay with that or go back to Sandy or at least a platoon.

    I know we are all fired up about Eovaldi, but I truly believe Eduardo is the better pitcher. I get the LHP/RHP thing but it seems weird to not have Rodriguez pitching more than a few innings.
  40. joe dokes

    joe dokes Member SoSH Member

    Unlike the NYY, who seemed capable of taking advantage of the numerous walks ONLY by hitting home runs, the Astors have hitters. Just keeping it in the park probably wont be enough to win 4 games.
  41. Bob Montgomery's Helmet Hat

    Bob Montgomery's Helmet Hat has big, douchey shoulders Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I would guess that Leon gets Sale and Vaz gets the rest. Given that Sale never shakes off, he's especially reliant on the catcher.

    It would be ballsy to start Rodriguez and make Eovaldi the relieve ace, but I'd be in favor of it. Eovaldi seems to be uniquely suited to face this Yankees team, but I'm not convinced the Houston matchup is nearly as favorable.
  42. EdRalphRomero

    EdRalphRomero wooderson SoSH Member

    Astros have an even more pronounced split than the Yankees. In 2018 they put up a .803(!) OPS against LHP compared to a much more pedestrian .733 OPS against RHP. And I would add, as a longtime Rodriguez supporter, he pissed me off pretty thoroughly in this last series with his mopey behavior and failure to cover first. He has not struck me as someone who is ready to seize back the reins. I'd consider going Sale, Eovaldi, Porcello in the 1-3 spots (so they all get 2 starts in a seven game series) and put Price in the 4th start and have him pitch out of the bullpen situationally.
  43. LynnRice75

    LynnRice75 Member SoSH Member

    Anyone hear any news about Nunez and a possible injury?
  44. Reverend

    Reverend for king and country Lifetime Member SoSH Member


    I'm all in on Cora as Miyagi.
  45. joe dokes

    joe dokes Member SoSH Member

    On this issue, I'm really at peace whatever Cora decides. Most of the time we assume the manager has more information than we do. This time, its impossible to imagine that anyone has more insight than Cora on how certain Sox pitchers will match up with Astro hitters.
  46. Bob Montgomery's Helmet Hat

    Bob Montgomery's Helmet Hat has big, douchey shoulders Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I agree. I just think that if it's close, I have more faith in Eovaldi's ability to become a relief ace than Edro's.
  47. PaulinMyrBch

    PaulinMyrBch Don't touch his dog food Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Just bought this to roll TV #2 into the living room for Saturday.

  48. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    I agree about Darling up until this ALDS. The crap about the Red Sox not respecting the game when they were up 10-1, his mentioning it over and over. That is bullshit to me. Not in postseason, not against the Yankees, not in that ballpark. He also seemed down, maybe something going on with him. Compared with other color guy, Eck, I thought he was not good in this series. One last thing, a good broadcast team tells me things that I can’t see on the screen. I don’t remember much of that with Anderson and Darling.
  49. SemperFidelisSox

    SemperFidelisSox suzyn SoSH Member

    This. Price should start Game 4 and be available out of the pen at the beginning and end of the series. Eovaldi and Porcello have earned 2,3,6 & 7.
  50. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    Local all the way to California.

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