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9/11: Not Sonny Gray!

Discussion in '2018 Yankees Game Threads' started by terrynever, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. canyoubelieveit

    canyoubelieveit Member SoSH Member

    Oh, there was plenty of it, it was just in the Sox game thread. It made its way into the Yankees thread the day before because there was no Sox game.

    It's surprising that you find the numbers "dull," and comments about them beneath the standards of SoSH. When a reasonably good franchise like the Twins consistently performs at a .250 winning percentage against another team over the course of nearly two decades, that's actually quite interesting.

    Pointing out that some posters are whiny about it is fair game (especially during a season like this where there's no shortage of positive things for a Sox fan to be grateful for), but it's not a dull phenomenon.
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  2. jon abbey

    jon abbey Shanghai Warrior Dope SoSH Member

    It's definitely not a dull phenomenon, I didn't mean to say that, but the way it is discussed here is IMO. We all know about this, it has been this way for years, and we have dozens of posts about it in the last few days between the threads but no one ever tries to delve into it in any way. What are we supposed to take from this history? That tonight is a sure thing? (Obviously not.) That the Twins don't try for some reason every year against NY even though both team's personnel has totally changed over the years, including managers? (Maybe?) I honestly don't know but many posters just repeating the same thing over and over and over with no attempt to go any deeper on it (admittedly not easy) is the definition of dull posting IMO.
  3. terrynever

    terrynever Member SoSH Member

    Yanks' bullpen usually was a big advantage over Minnesota. Remember the Santana games? Torre just wanted to stay close, work up the pitch count, and attack the bullpen. Small market teams cannot spend on bullpens the way big market franchises can.
  4. bankshot1

    bankshot1 Member SoSH Member

    Yup.It was the model the Y's eventually (post 2001) used against Pedro and the Sox with reasonable success.
  5. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    O’s 8-11 vs. TB this year, 6-10 vs. Yankees. Your 4 game sweep over BAL in late August made it 6-10.

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