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5/4/18 -- Lightning at Bruins, G4

Discussion in 'Bruins Game Threads' started by The Napkin, May 3, 2018.

  1. edmunddantes

    edmunddantes Member SoSH Member

    Oh get off it. They were already overcoming bad calls and non calls to be ahead 3-2 at that point.

    “Well bob if they just overcame the bad call they would have been fine. “

    They did. All night.
  2. lars10

    lars10 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    But why should they f’ing have to!!! Why does the onus fall on the team to constantly come back from horrible call after horrible call? Tampa can still be a great team, but the margins are so slim to win these games that when you’re either constantly short handed or not getting blatant calls at some point you have to say that you need to look at the officiating. A team can only overcome so much., yes they had seven minutes but the game should’ve never been tied and the Bs should’ve had a power play.

    Stop saying the bruins should overcome that.. they could have, but they also shouldn’t have to against the top team in the east! Ffs.
  3. Haunted

    Haunted The Man in the Box Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Why should they have to? Because life is never fair. Jesus guys. Get a grip. Champions overcome this garbage. You think the 2011 team didn’t run into some insane Montreal bullshit?
  4. Deathofthebambino

    Deathofthebambino Drive Carefully SoSH Member

    They did overcome it. Jesus Christ. They scored a shorthanded goal to take the lead at 3-2 on a penalty that was absolutely fucking ridiculous. They maintained that lead, and with 7 minutes to go, they should have gone on a power play that may have sealed the fucking game. Instead, the refs don't make a call that even the national pundits are saying was obvious, and instead of being on a power play with all the momentum, they end up tied.

    How much more do you expect "champions" to overcome?

    I can't even wrap my head around this nonsense. I'll ask it again. At what fucking point do you think it would have been too much to overcome? If the refs handed Tampa a goal with 3 minutes, 1 minute? 10 seconds? How easy do you think it is to score a goal in the NHL playoffs?

    And no, I don't remember the refs handing Montreal a game tying goal with 7 minutes left, when they should have been awarding the Bruins a power play. I don't remember the refs giving Montreal a double minor for high sticking when a Montreal player hit himself in the face. I don't remember a Montreal player hooking the shit out of Marchand on a breakaway and not having it called. I don't remember the "slash" they called against Krug happening in Montreal. I don't remember the refs tossing Bergeron out of one faceoff after another against Montreal. I don't remember Montreal having almost double the number of power plays through 5 games. It just goes on and on and on. The Bruins and Lightning have been officiated completely differently since the drop of the puck in game 2.
  5. kenneycb

    kenneycb Hates Goose Island Beer; Loves Backdoor Play SoSH Member

    The goal that Subban scored to tie it was a BS penalty from my memory. Don’t care to look it up but remember being pissed about it.
  6. scottyno

    scottyno Member SoSH Member

    Game 1 too, it didn't matter because the Bs blew them out but the refs probably caused a 2 goal swing tampa's way early on.
  7. edmunddantes

    edmunddantes Member SoSH Member

    Also missed a high stick to the face of the tallest man on the ice right in front of the Ref that the national pundits called in real time. Than questioned themselves when there was no call until they watched the replay. And they just laughed because it was so fucking absurd it was missed.
  8. Haunted

    Haunted The Man in the Box Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    You’re right. Poor play and turnover after turnover have nothing to do with it. It’s all the refs fault. It’s all over. Don’t even play game 5, the league has spoken.
  9. SoFloSoxFan

    SoFloSoxFan Member SoSH Member


  10. BaseballJones

    BaseballJones goalpost mover SoSH Member

    Even the shorthanded goal that Bergeron scored to give them the lead came on a Tampa PP thanks to a horrendous call that again, the national announcers were like WTF?
  11. Jed Zeppelin

    Jed Zeppelin Member SoSH Member

    Underrated aspect of the play. In a similar situation, Tampa was given a four minute power play at a crucial time when their own player high sticked himself. Extra energy expended to kill it off, less time to tie it up. All this shit adds up.
  12. wiffleballhero

    wiffleballhero Member SoSH Member

    They are most definitely getting screwed by the refs. Whether it is malice, incompetence or a reasonable pre-disposition against the Bruins leading to unreasonable calls is another issue.

    The idea though that the Bruins should just be gritty and play is a little crazy.

    TB is actually a really, really good team. They are also pretty F-ing big. If the Bruins are skating every shift worried about getting a penalty like Acciari's and TB can skate around grabbing and slashing with impunity, the regular flow of play is impacted.

    I hope the fix really is on so at least the refs will give us some calls to get this to game 7.

    (Maybe I am starting to see the appeal of WWE)
  13. Dummy Hoy

    Dummy Hoy Angry Pissbum SoSH Member

    I don’t understand why we can’t agree that all of the following apply:

    1) Tampa is a really good team, one of the favorites to win the Cup, who went all in at the deadline in an effort to win this season. Great coach, elites players up front and on D, tremendous depth. They are a very tough team to beat when they are healthy and rested.

    2) The Bruins have not played very well for the majority of this series. They have a few players who have significant injuries they’re battling through, and they’ve struggled as a team to avoid mistakes- lot of bad decisions and turnovers.

    3) The officiating has been maddeningly inconsistent, and the majority of crucial calls have gone against the Bruins- to the point that milquetoast national announcers have spoken out against it. Last nights game conatianed a couple of egregious decisions that were a major factor in Tampa’s win.

    All of these things are true, and together it creates a giant pile of suck.
  14. Boston Brawler

    Boston Brawler Member SoSH Member

    This is a good post. Agree 100%
  15. PedroSpecialK

    PedroSpecialK Comes at you like a tornado of hair and the NHL sa Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    I had to miss last night's game but holy hell, the non-call on the tying goal was egregious given what's been called in this series.

    1-0 in day games this series, people. Get it back to Boston.
  16. Dummy Hoy

    Dummy Hoy Angry Pissbum SoSH Member

    Fixed it
  17. lars10

    lars10 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Only thing I would add is it hasn’t been just one game. The calls have been one sided since game two and the slash on marchand’s hands is still fresh as well.

    Edit: I mean that egregious calls have decided more than one game.

    As you said even national announcers have commented on it. This isn’t the usual ‘you have to play through it’.. this has been ludicrous to the point where people are wondering if there’s a fix. It’s not homerism at this point..
    #917 lars10, May 5, 2018
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  18. AMcGhie

    AMcGhie Set Adrift on Memory Bliss SoSH Member

    I'd nitpick #2 to say that their play has been very polar. They're either dominant or being dominated for long stretches. The dominated times have been more frequent and more lengthy though.

    I'd nitpick #3 to say the majority of crucial calls and calls overall have gone against the bruins.

    But those are very minor. The main 3 points you have are very frustrating things to simultaneously wrestle with (because they're so spot on).
  19. FL4WL3SS

    FL4WL3SS Member SoSH Member

    My point wasn't that the Bruins had time to come back, I was responding to the assumption that they'd be tied 2-2 if only for that call. Tampa still had 7+ minutes left to tie it up. I responding to a particular poster.
  20. tonyandpals

    tonyandpals Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Any word on the hearing for Stamkos? /lol
  21. Haunted

    Haunted The Man in the Box Silver Supporter SoSH Member


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