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2017 Little League World Series Thread

Discussion in 'General Sports' started by montoursvillefan, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. montoursvillefan

    montoursvillefan Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    All teams have been determined.
    A new event this year, the LLWS Major League Classic, Cardinals vs Pirates at Bowman Field, 8/20/17 ESPN Sunday Night Basbeball.


    If I recall, MLB provided ~4 mil for upgrades to Bowman Field to bring this minor league park up to major league standards.
    All LLWS teams and family members in town get a free pass to the game as well as numerous LLWS officials, remaining seats (not many, a small park) were made available to Lycoming County residents via lottery.

    Some Little League World Series related links.

    The little league link itself.
    http://www.<span sty...ague_Online.htm

    ESPN's little league link.

    The local radio station that carries the games

    More local radio, the ESPN affiliate.

    The local newspaper, now however needing a log-in to read.

    Edit: wiki link added.
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  2. moondog80

    moondog80 heart is two sizes two small SoSH Member

    Anyone have any insight into what happened with the NH coach? He was told in the last inning that one of his kids had not hit (every kid must get one AB), but opted not to hit him because his team as behind and instead risk a 2 game suspension (they lost anyway and were eliminated so the suspension is moot). He said after the game that they asked the kid to hit in the fourth inning and the kid declined, so when it came to the last inning he thought it wasn't fair to the team to have him hit. It wasn't clear if the kid was still unwilling to hit at that point.

    I dunno -- if the kid refuses to hit when give then chance, and you can't convince him otherwise, what do you do?

  3. BigMike

    BigMike Dope Dope

    Tough situation there Moondog. Obviously in a spring league it isn't that big a deal, but kind of hard to imagine it happening in a tournament.

    Such a heartbreaker for Utah last night. Down 8-3 in the 5th they rally to score 4 with no one out. Next batter gets on, and the California starter is starting to get very high in the pitch count, and the next batter hits a rocket up the middle, that the pitcher makes a great catch about an inch off the ground and turns into a double play. All momentum is lost, Cali rallies for 3 more in the top of 6th and game ends 11-7. Utah was the first Utah team to even make the regional final.

    Cali coach was suspended for the game for using profanity on camera in the previous game.
  4. BigMike

    BigMike Dope Dope

    This North Carolina team is something special.

    they will have their ACE available for the Final. Texas Ace is out of the tournament not. Not sure the US final will be much of a game
  5. Buck Showalter

    Buck Showalter Member SoSH Member

    Japan (via Kitasuna) wins again.

    Any insight about the region, territory this team is selected from?

    The Texas kids are from a town of about 30 thousand.
  6. BigMike

    BigMike Dope Dope

    Disappointing the NC team blew that Saturday game. They just fell apart. Lufkin was a great story, but sucks they didn't have any other their top 3 pitchers and Japan had their Ace. NC would have at least had their best pitcher available.

    In terms of Kitasuna, it is a neighborhood in Tokyo (koto). I haven't been able to find any indication of the population, or number of teams/players in Kitsuana

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