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2/21 - @ Bucks

Discussion in '2018 Celtics Game Threads' started by DeadlySplitter, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Helmet Head

    Helmet Head Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Horford is the best player on the team right now
  2. Deathofthebambino

    Deathofthebambino Drive Carefully SoSH Member

    I hate posting from my phone, so I'm gonna be missing from most game threads for a while as my laptop shit the bed.

    Anyway, just saw a lot more of the same tonight. I don't know why all of the Cs are literally missing the skillset I'm told is required to get to the line, but i really hope someday they figure it out. Maybe thats something Brad can do, because hes apparently not responsible for anything else. 6 fucking free throws is a joke. The missed calls are obvious calls. Its not skill at creating contact. When the celtics create contact, they dont get the calls, so they are forced to try to avoid contact making everything harder.

    Brad did shorten the bench tonight without Gordon, giving 41 minutes to kyrie and 37 to Al, which has to be a season high, but I don't understand why Terry deserves 19 minutes in this one, most of which are played with Kyrie which hurts both of them. Why can't Tatum play a few more minutes or Smart play the 1, instead of spending 18 minutes on the bench. The Bucks have 2 seven footers on the floor at almost all times, and Theis only plays 6 minutes? Al plays every minute at the 5 again. I'm pretty sure the bucks had Giannis, Lopez and ilyasova/mirotic on the floor together at one point. 3 seven footers and I think kyrie, Terry and smart were on the court against them. I just don't get it.

    But they kept it close, played pretty great defensively, they forced 11 steals and blocked 9 shots so the intensity was there on that end. Anyway, moving on. Just wish Brads rotations would be adjusted it a bit and he can teach the guys how to get to the line.
  3. oumbi

    oumbi Member SoSH Member

    I missed the game since I am traveling. But, while the loss stings, it was in Milwaukee and without Hayward. Plus, Kyrie stat line indicates a poor game by him.

    Come the playoffs, with Hayward playing well the Celtics should beat the Bucks in a tough series.
  4. Jed Zeppelin

    Jed Zeppelin Member SoSH Member

    Missing opportunities like this is not an issue in and of itself. The problem is they played too much of the season with their heads firmly ensconced in their asses and have been stuck chasing the season ever since.

    I mean, if you just take away the absolute batshit losses at home to the LA teams and the two home losses to the most shameless tankers in the league and we’d be in 3rd right there with the top 2. Instead it’s a rock fight to even get a single home series in the playoffs, which is going to make any kind of legitimate run really difficult.

    They’re 27-12 since opening at 10-10, but schedule during that time has been extremely kind. Only 5 of those wins came against teams with a winning record. The next month is a bear so we’ll find out quick if I am full of it.
    #404 Jed Zeppelin, Feb 21, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  5. wade boggs chicken dinner

    wade boggs chicken dinner Member SoSH Member

    Not sure about your question but there have been 3 games this season where teams have taken 5 FTs. They have all been losses. There are two other games where teams have taken 6 FTAs. Both were wins.

  6. boxosII

    boxosII Member SoSH Member

    once a Celt, always a Celt

  7. DeJesus Built My Hotrod

    DeJesus Built My Hotrod Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  8. Sprowl

    Sprowl Emile de Becque Dope

    Nellie the Stoned Landlord

    The Port Cellar: where every thread ends with a Pierce ISO...
  9. TripleOT

    TripleOT Member SoSH Member

    Late to the party, having just watched the game. It looks to me that the Celtics have enough mobile big bodies to slow the amazing Giannis, who, despite getting a bunch of favorable calls, was a minus 10 in a one point win. GA was 11-19, and got 16 shots inside the paint, making nine.

    A full Celtics squad, with a healthy Hayward and some quality minutes out of Baynes, will be a handful for the Bucks in the playoffs. The refs didn't do the Celtics any favors, the Celtics shot like garbage, and they were a Kyrie shot away from a big win.

    Another big second quarter deficit from the Cs, who gave up 33 points. Every Celtic bench player was in the minus, with usually reliable Theis not hitting the stat book, besides one foul, in only 6 minutes, with Yabu also not putting up a stat in 5 minutes. Mirotic got 8 points in 14 minutes, and Ilyasova 9 points in 12 minutes on 4-4 shooting. Their bench bigs were the difference in this one.
  10. CoffeeNerdness

    CoffeeNerdness Member SoSH Member

    Besides the multiple, seemingly serious suggestions that Kyrie was "tanking", sure.
  11. Strike4

    Strike4 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    The gameplan on Giannis was great: stand him up at the top of the arc and make sure he doesn't get a full head of steam. Then when he's slowed down, have help defense come and either steal the ball or make it so he has to kick it out. Smart in particular did a great job of this in the first half.

    On offense, they had Kyrie (mostly) penetrate and then do that behind the back pass to the wide open guy on the arc. This got them great looks but unfortunately not a ton of them went in. It was a promising approach though. I wonder if Kyrie sulking had to do with him having to give up the ball in this scheme...
  12. benhogan

    benhogan Baynes Hogan SoSH Member

    Went back and watched Theis 1st half minutes. He didn't shoot on offense and just set screens. It's not his fault that Kyrie took a wild 3 looking for a foul. Or MaMo shoots a contested turn around airball. On defense Theis only gave up 2 FTs to Middleton with the missed dunk (questionable foul call on DT). Not sure what he did to get benched in favor of Yabusele. Brad has done a completely inept job with rotating his bigs all season long. Theis has shot great over the last 2 plus months (50% from 3) and I'll take his defense over Yabu any day of the week. PLUS there were plenty of big/slow Milwaukee players (Lopez -34mins, Ilyasova-12mins, Mirotic-14mins) Theis could easily guard with Al on Giannis.

    Brad's incessant need to play small with Rozier and Kyrie at the same time is useless. IMO its this teams biggest Achilles Heel and that's on CBS, not the players.
  13. Bad Penny

    Bad Penny Member SoSH Member

  14. lars10

    lars10 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Beyond going small it doesn’t seem to me that Rozier and Kyrie play that well together either.
  15. benhogan

    benhogan Baynes Hogan SoSH Member

    There is ZERO reason for the Rozier/Irving combo.

    All Brad is doing is creating more defensive work for Kyrie.

    The match-up argument is weak also since Tatum and Brown are more than capable of shutting down guards. Rozier's minutes need to be going to Tatum, Hayward, Brown
  16. ifmanis5

    ifmanis5 Member SoSH Member

  17. lars10

    lars10 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    I would argue that at the moment Irving needs to play less minutes. I know he's the primary ball handler, but he's not putting in the same amount of effort at times and at other times not playing within the team. And the team has been playing better without him (recently). With his nagging injuries it may be better to get him rest to make sure he's available for the entire playoffs. He's our best player, but Brad should be subbing him out when he isn't playing well.. (basically the exact opposite of what he's been doing). Brad's star has faded a ton this year... he may show something in the playoffs or throughout this second half of this season, but who knows.. at the least I hope he stops doing some of the things that make absolutely no sense.. and also starts rewarding players who are putting in the effort and playing well.

    **this is not to say I know more than Brad or that Kyrie should sit full time or any other kind of straw man..it's just to say that as of yet there are a number of things he/they are doing that I just don't get.
  18. benhogan

    benhogan Baynes Hogan SoSH Member

    Agreed, CBS has left me perplexed this season. I've been a huge CBS fan in the past, but that shine is wearing off. The is the first time in Brad's tenure the team has underperformed. In years past I rarely uttered a peep about Brad and loved his rotations (until the 2018 Clev playoff series). My (our) suggestion is very on the edges, but honestly, think it's part of the reason for the team's underperformance. Unfortunately, we have passed the Rubicon here with 20 games left and Brad will continue using his Kyrie/Rozier inefficient pairing. Our opponents must be licking their chops when they see that pairing at the end of every first quarter and can prepare themselves in advance to take advantage of it.

    In Brad We Trust, but playing Yabu over Theis in the 2nd half of an important/tight game is just the latest head scratching move.
  19. bigq

    bigq Member SoSH Member

    This is a vexing position to me. He is the best player on the team in the midst of probably his best season in the league. Playing him less means more of Rozier and Wanamaker which to me does not translate to a better Celtics team. I would be on board with getting rid of the Rozier and Irving backcourt pairing.
  20. Van Everyman

    Van Everyman Member SoSH Member

    Good to see this gamethread is still a dumpster fire 72 hours later.
  21. benhogan

    benhogan Baynes Hogan SoSH Member

    Good to see your commentary is as spot on as your math skills.;)
  22. Van Everyman

    Van Everyman Member SoSH Member

    I was just leaving it here for later.
  23. Van Everyman

    Van Everyman Member SoSH Member

    But since you asked...

    Unless...that’s his point.

    Or maybe he wants both of these guys to figure out how to coexist.

    Honestly, who knows? This team is confounding at times but you saw in this game why every team in the East will hope the Cs play well enough so that they don’t draw them in the first round.

    The biggest problem with this game wasn’t just execution in the final minute – it was that they collectively shot like ass. When the game went from Cs +1 to -8 in the blink of an eye it was because they couldn’t hit the side of a barn. And they were wide open looks.

    The resurgence of Al Horford is probably the single most important piece to the stretch run IMO. I haven’t looked at the numbers but when Al is a threat to score and grabbing 10+ rebounds a game, the team looks infinitely more polished. Guys like Tatum get way more open looks and lanes to drive. Probably not a coincidence that Jaylen has looked better during the same stretch tho I wonder how many minutes they played together.

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