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18-19 Celtics Schedule

Discussion in 'Mark Blount's Port Cellar: Celtics Forum' started by RedOctober3829, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. RedOctober3829

    RedOctober3829 Member SoSH Member

    16(Tuesday) vs. Philly 8:00 TNT
    19(Friday) at Toronto 8:00 ESPN

    20(Saturday) at Knicks 7:30
    22(Monday) vs. Orlando 7:30 NBA TV
    25(Thursday) at OKC 8:00 TNT

    27(Saturday) at Detroit 7:00
    30(Tuesday) vs. Detroit 7:30

    1(Thursday) vs. Milwaukee 8:00 TNT
    3(Saturday) at Indiana 7:00 NBA TV

    5 (Monday) at Denver 9:00
    8(Thursday) at Phoenix 9:00
    9(Friday) at Utah 9:30 ESPN
    11(Sunday) at Portland 9:00
    14(Wed) vs. Chicago 7:30
    16(Fri) vs. Toronto 7:00 ESPN
    17(Sat) vs. Utah 7:30 NBA TV

    19(Mon) at Charlotte 7:00
    21(Wed) vs. Knicks 7:30
    23(Fri) at Atlanta 7:30
    24(Sat) at Dallas 8:30
    26(Mon) at NO 8:00
    30 (Fri) vs. Cleveland 7:00

    1(Fri) at Minnesota 8:00 NBA TV
    6(Thu) vs. Knicks 8:00 TNT

    8(Sat) at Chicago 8:00
    10(Mon) vs. NO 7:30 NBA TV
    12(Wed) at Washington 7:00
    14(Fri) vs. Atlanta 7:00
    15(Sat) at Detroit 7:00
    19(Wed) vs. Phoenix 7:30 NBA TV
    21(Fri) vs. Milwaukee 8:00 ESPN

    23(Sun) vs. Charlotte 6:00
    25(Tue) vs. Philly 5:30 ABC
    27(Thu) at Houston 8:00 TNT

    29(Sat) at Memphis 8:00
    31(Mon) at San Antonio 7:00 NBA TV

    2(Wed) vs. Minnesota 8:00 ESPN
    4(Fri) vs. Dallas 7:30
    7(Mon) vs. Brooklyn 7:30
    9(Wed) vs. Indiana 7:00
    10(Thu) vs. Miami 7:00 TNT
    12(Sat) at Orlando 7:00
    14(Mon) at Brooklyn 7:30
    16(Wed) vs. Toronto 8:00 ESPN
    18(Fri) vs. Memphis 7:00
    19(Sat) at Atlanta 7:30
    21(Mon) vs. Miami 6:00
    23(Wed) vs. Cleveland 7:30
    26(Sat) vs. Golden State 8:30 ABC
    28(Mon) vs. Brooklyn 7:30
    30(Wed) vs. Charlotte 7:30

    1(Fri) at Knicks 7:30 ESPN
    3(Sun) vs. OKC 2:00 ABC

    5(Tue) at Cleveland 7:00
    7(Thu) vs. Lakers 8:00 TNT
    9(Sat) vs. Clippers 8:00
    12(Tue) at Sixers 8:00 TNT
    13(Wed) vs. Detroit 7:30
    21(Thu) at Milwaukee 8:00 TNT
    23(Sat) at Chicago 8:00
    26(Tue) at Toronto 8:00 TNT
    27(Wed) vs. Portland 7:30

    1(Fri) vs. Washington 8:00 ESPN
    3(Sun) vs. Houston 3:30 ABC
    5(Tue) at Golden State 10:30 TNT

    6(Wed) at Sacramento 10:00
    9(Sat) at Lakers 8:30 ABC
    11(Mon) at Clippers 10:30 NBA TV

    14(Thu) vs. Sacramento 7:30
    16(Sat) vs. Atlanta 12:30
    18(Mon) vs. Denver 7:30
    20(Wed) at Philly 7:00 ESPN
    23(Sat) at Charlotte 6:00
    24(Sun) vs. San Antonio 7:30 NBA TV
    26(Tue) at Cleveland 7:00
    29(Fri) vs. Indiana 7:00 NBA TV
    30(Sat) at Brooklyn 6:00

    1(Mon) vs. Miami 7:30 NBA TV
    3(Wed) at Miami 7:30 NBA TV
    5(Fri) at Indiana 8:00 ESPN

    7(Sun) vs. Orlando 7:30
    9(Tue) at Washington 7:00 TNT
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  2. BigSoxFan

    BigSoxFan Member SoSH Member

  3. Ale Xander

    Ale Xander Member SoSH Member

    Why is Jan 10 v. Miami a nationally televised game?

    Eh, doesn't matter, 98-0. Looking forward to some Dungeness crab at Pier 39 at Game 98.
  4. snowmanny

    snowmanny Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    That's Super Bowl Sunday vs OKC? That'll pass the time nicely.
  5. shawnrbu

    shawnrbu Member SoSH Member

    6(Wed) at Sacramento 10:00
    9(Sat) at Lakers 8:30 ABC
    11(Mon) at Clippers 10:30 NBA TV

    Wow, they get 5 or 6 nights in LA assuming they leave Sacramento on Wednesday night.
  6. Domer

    Domer Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter SoSH Member

    No Black Friday game?
  7. Ale Xander

    Ale Xander Member SoSH Member

    Black Friday they're in Atlanta, not at home unfortunately.
  8. RedOctober3829

    RedOctober3829 Member SoSH Member

    --First time in a while they don't go west right after the All-Star Break.
    --Only 11 back to back's which is below the league average of 13.
    --Longest road trip is 5 games from November 3-11
    --Longest homestand is 5 from January 2-10.
  9. HomeRunBaker

    HomeRunBaker bet squelcher SoSH Member

    Adam Silver has done an amazing job in conjunction with Michelle Roberts on game scheduling. 4th year in a row the number of B2B's have been reduced. Personally, I'm fine with B2B's it is the 3 in 4, 4 in 5, and 5 in 7 nights that take its toll.....players are conditioned to play every day however it is the extended grind that reduces the quality of the product.

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