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12\15-16 game thread

Discussion in 'Breakfast with Gazza (with Sachmoneious Bullcrap)' started by Cellar-Door, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. SoxFanInCali

    SoxFanInCali has the rich, deep voice of a god and the penis of Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    With that win, Klopp has now beaten every Premier League team at least once.
  2. trotsplits

    trotsplits Member SoSH Member

  3. MiracleOfO2704

    MiracleOfO2704 not AWOL SoSH Member

    Just as nice, MUFC are 19 points behind. It’s nice to bury a rival so early.
  4. SoxFanInCali

    SoxFanInCali has the rich, deep voice of a god and the penis of Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  5. PedroSpecialK

    PedroSpecialK Comes at you like a tornado of hair and the NHL sa Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    36 shot attempts by Liverpool is the most in the PL this season. Corsi’d the pants off em as they say
  6. Cellar-Door

    Cellar-Door Member SoSH Member

    So with that united loss, there are 6 different clubs who could be in 6th place by this time next week
  7. Clears Cleaver

    Clears Cleaver Lil' Bill SoSH Member

    given the recent history, never felt good about this game even at 2-1, but looking back objectively ManU is not competitive with they LFC squad.
    happy Mane scored after the last few matches
    happy they scored three and Salah was not the primary or even secondary reason
    happy Shaquiri and Keita played meaningful and positive minutes

    looking for VVD to sit Friday vs Wolves just to see how they might approach their first UEFA round of 16 match
  8. OilCanShotTupac

    OilCanShotTupac Sunny von Bulow Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    As an Everton fan I'd like to think that the Toffees will nose ahead of ManU for 6th by the end of the season. Everton have hit a rough patch that has exposed their limitations, so while I think it's possible I'm realistic. Still, if it's not Everton, I wouldn't be surprised to see one (or maybe more?) of Leicester, Bournemouth, or (less likely) West Ham, Watford, or Wolves go ahead of United.

    It's hard to think of a team (in any sport) that has had such a cloud over it and that has underperformed so much relative to the quality of its players.
  9. SocrManiac

    SocrManiac Member SoSH Member

    Can’t this be said of any of Mourinho’s last few teams?

    There is something fundamentally flawed in how he manages, at least in the long term. The act wears thin after a period and he just explodes. Conversely, when he goes, his sides tend to respond well to the change. The worst thing for United haters would be his firing.
  10. Zomp

    Zomp Turkey Virgin Dope

    The owners/Woodward have to realize that top four is gone right? I can’t think if any reason to keep Mourinho around aside from what I would cost him.

    I’d sack him, give it to McKinnon (assistant coach and former U21 coach) and make a run at someone in the summer. Meanwhile hire a Director of Football.
  11. Cellar-Door

    Cellar-Door Member SoSH Member

    i'm obviously biased, but I think West Ham is the best of those 6 teams, especially if we either add a player or two in the window or get Lanzini back. We had a terrible start as we adapted to a ton of new players, a new manager and a new system, but since then, even with a ton of injuries the team has been really good.

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