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10/17 - How do I live without you?

Discussion in 'Bruins Game Threads' started by TheShynessClinic, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. LogansDad

    LogansDad Member SoSH Member

    Smith did a really good job of negating any chance the Bruins had of generating a forecheck tonight. He was really, really active on the puck.

    Might be something to watch going forward.
  2. AMcGhie

    AMcGhie Set Adrift on Memory Bliss SoSH Member

    The bottom 3 lines each had 1-2 shifts where they were good, but consistency on those lines is an ongoing issue. I'm more worried about Chara though. He's been beaten by younger, faster players more than I expected early in the season and I'm worried this team's biggest hole isn't a 3C, but a shutdown 1st pairing defense. McAvoy isn't dominant enough yet, and Chara isn't dominant enough anymore.
  3. TheShynessClinic

    TheShynessClinic SoSH's Doug Neidermeyer SoSH Member

    Goddamnit. All this shit for nothing.
  4. veritas

    veritas Member SoSH Member

    McAvoy hasn't quite looked the same, but I think he was a legit #1 shutdown D last season. I'm not too worried about him though. He was one of the players who was pretty sick in China, right?

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