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  1. The Mort Report
    The Mort Report The Napkin
    still have spots in your division clan?
    1. The Napkin
      The Napkin
      yeah, absolutely. Send me your xbox name and I'll send an invite sometime this weekend when I'm on
      May 24, 2019 at 8:54 AM
  2. Moosbrugger
    Moosbrugger fletcherpost
    Oh, brother... 17 year old daughter accepted to Royal Conservetoire in Glasgow for acting. Has her heart set on it. Gonna lean on ya hard for general info if you'll let me. Thank you kindly.
  3. sezwho
    Doing what humans do.
  4. sezwho
  5. MakeMineMoxie
  6. S. H. Frog
  7. cecil c
    cecil c Reverend
    Hi there. I bid on a Carton of Toast. I would like to send a check. Would you please tell me to whom to make the check out to and to whom to send the check to. Thank you (and if you do not know, would you please direct me to the person who would know).
  8. SemperFidelisSox
    Hey, Schiling. How’s that for karma?
  9. BernieRicoBoomer
  10. Lose Remerswaal
    Lose Remerswaal MFYankees
    Post well. Get noticed for being a quality poster. Make friends and have someone recommend you for your quality posts. Slip in nuggets about Gene Michael's personal life that no one else might know.
    1. MFYankees
      OK - that's very fair. I've got nothing on Gene Michael but I was in the Steinbrenner's garage last week and found a painting of Hal as a centaur.
      Mar 5, 2019
  11. MFYankees
    Blinded by 55 years of Yankee-Hating (since '64 WS).
  12. ShortSox
    Wishing she could change her avatar to an actual picture
  13. Bergs
    It's not bad with a little hot sauce.
  14. Curt S Loew
    Curt S Loew
  15. cornwalls@6
    cornwalls@6 JohntheBaptist
    Well done throwing a little jab @ MYT1. Jesus, the arrogant ass-hatery that permeates V&N is so hard to swallow.
    1. Blacken
      That he's smarter and better than you and doesn't give a shit about making retrogrades feel good about themselves is emphatically not his problem.
      Feb 18, 2019
  16. LondonSox
  17. Monbo Jumbo
    Monbo Jumbo
    Socialism for the rich has worked so well in the U.S. that now the poor want it too!
  18. Sam Ray Not
    Sam Ray Not
    "The Warriors won, so I guess your household must be pretty happy" —Donald Sutherland
  19. Sam Ray Not
    Sam Ray Not
    "Well if the precedent is Fergie Jenkins, I'm cool with it." —Rasputin
  20. nighthob
  21. Reverend
  22. BernieRicoBoomer
    Every monkey wants to rule the world.
  23. ifmanis5
    Did we ever find out why the monkey in the Tears For Fears video was wearing a Red Sox jersey?
  24. reggiecleveland
    reggiecleveland riboflav
    I coach high school in Saskatoon Canada. I used to be assistant at University of Saskatchewan. We have a big rivalry game tomorrow.
  25. reggiecleveland
    reggiecleveland riboflav
    Hey agreed 100% with your Hubie comment. So as basketball lifer do you coach?
    1. riboflav
      Yes. I'm currently a girls varsity head coach in Virginia. You?
      Jan 6, 2019
  26. Monbo Jumbo
    Monbo Jumbo
    French ruling class then, "Let them eat cake." French ruling class now, "Let them drive Tesla."
  27. Omar's Wacky Neighbor
    Omar's Wacky Neighbor
    When life gives you lemons: find some vodka and make limoncello.
  28. Nuf Ced
    Nuf Ced Future Sox Doc
    I'm sorry your family had to say good bye to Princess Danger. She was a damn good dog.
  29. TomTerrific
    Godspeed, GS, great things await
  30. Andrew
    We need more volunteer forest servants to sweep the floors to stop fires.
  31. BlackJack
    Suffering from Santa Claustrophobia
  32. Omar's Wacky Neighbor
    Omar's Wacky Neighbor
    Cool! I got picked for the El Chapo jury!! Hello, lunch out every day!
  33. E5 Yaz
    E5 Yaz
    Love, Sydney
  34. BernieRicoBoomer
    Pull down your pants and slide on the ice.
  35. GoJeff!
    Second place in People's Sexiest Man Alive. Again.
  36. Omar's Wacky Neighbor
    Omar's Wacky Neighbor
    Oooo, look! A squirrel!!
  37. snowmanny
  38. Monbo Jumbo
    Monbo Jumbo
    If I can find any Red Sox fans in Cambodia tonight, they're drinking on me.
  39. ichirob4ichiro
    Is this working? Is this thing on?
  40. riveraulwick
    Just enjoying quantum fluctuations
  41. EdRalphRomero
    ALDS vs. MFY. Go ahead and unbuckle now.
  42. Reverend
    Yankees suck.
    1. Hank Scorpio
      Hank Scorpio
      - Zombie George Steinbrenner, 2018
      Oct 9, 2018
  43. OilCanCoulter
    OilCanCoulter TheShynessClinic
    Did you move to DC? We should meet up for a beer
    1. TheShynessClinic
      Check your PM's.
      Oct 3, 2018
  44. nayrbrey
    Take the L
  45. nayrbrey
  46. BernieRicoBoomer
    Piqued too late.
  47. Bob Montgomery's Helmet Hat
  48. Curt S Loew
    Curt S Loew
    Peaked too soon.
  49. nighthob
    It wpould help you to relax a little, this was inevitable.
  50. EdRalphRomero
    I know a 3 game losing streak shpouldn't bother me this much...