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  1. SumnerH
  2. buckybleepenlittle
    "A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz" Humphrey Bogart
  3. kobayashis bail bonds
    kobayashis bail bonds
    Can't get there from here.
  4. Schnerres
    Schnerres uk_sox_fan
    thanks for the work with the prediction game. I´m sorry to bother you, as far as I understand it, there´s something wrong with my picks (see post #65 in that thread). I had NO vs. JAX in the SB and the table says I´m picking the Pats to reach it. Hoping is one thing, but to win this guessing game I think I should pick against the Pats some time :)
    Thanks again!!
  5. E5 Yaz
    E5 Yaz
    Curt S hasn't met .... oops, there's the phone
  6. Curt S Loew
    Curt S Loew
    It's always good to meet somebody.
  7. WalletTrack
    WalletTrack AlNipper49
    Hi hope you're well,none of us are getting younger, 2018 does not throw us any wins.Yet.
    Handle the hate and move on.
    It's what's we do.
  8. SemperFidelisSox
    Mitch Moreland is like socks for Christmas
  9. SumnerH
    Traveling from 22 Dec-1 Jan, so availability may be spotty.
  10. Caspir
    Why haven't we updated the number of characters allowed like Twitter? I GOT A LOT TO SAY TO YOU PEOPLE AND I NEED >140 CHARACTERS TO SAY IT
  11. Monbo Jumbo
    Monbo Jumbo
    My Spectrum cable modem speeds magically doubled the month AT&T turned on fiber in my neighborhood.
  12. santadevil
    You're a true friend of the crown!
  13. Curt S Loew
  14. mikeot
    Short bus window licker
  15. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    Also Nip please never stop Al Frankening my man boobs while I sleep. Thanks in advance.
  16. JimBoSox9
    Also Nip please stop auto-uptating my age in my profile. Thanks in advance
    1. AlNipper49
      I'm just trying to keep you safe from Eric Van
      Nov 16, 2017
  17. JimBoSox9
    I'm bored with the Pats, and have realized 66% of my status replies are from @soxfan121. That'll drive a man to test his drinking limits
  18. YankFanInSoxLand
    Long time lurker, first time poster.
  19. Willie Clay's Big Play
    Willie Clay's Big Play
    I still miss Robert Edwards.
  20. Orange Julia
    Orange Julia
    If you want to participate in SoSH Secret Santa, see the thread in P&G. It is easily the only good thing we have around here these days.
  21. dhellers
    dhellers Couperin47
    darn, I was going to repose the link I posted a few weeks ago, to a youtube of bugs playing the gas house gang .... and f'ing warner bros had it pulled
  22. streeter88
    streeter88 IdiotKicker
    Not sure how to page you, but mentioned you in the Pats Game Ball thread. Any chance Ghost's missed FGs were due to ongoing turf problems at Gillette today?
  23. Hawk68
    People tell you who they are, but we ignore it - because we want them to be who we want them to be
  24. wyatt55
    wyatt55 thehitcat
  25. jollywhalers
    jollywhalers Sprowl
    Fellow PNW'er. Let's hope nobody else is hurt tomorrow. San Juan Island.
  26. simplyeric
    simplyeric Hector Salamanca
    You mentioned live streams for the Patriots game today...any good ones?
    Buffstream and 'sportsarefree' have both gone blank...
  27. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    "Yeah, hormones firing like a fifty foot Roman, yeah. Please don't make me explain."
  28. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    How does it feel? - Robert Allen Zimmerman
  29. SoxJox
    Rock > Soxjox < Hard Place
  30. seltix
    boston fan in enemy territory...
  31. Andrew
    How many people have the books murdered?
  32. terrynever
    terrynever dcmissle
    Thanks for your recent post. Very much on point.
    1. dcmissle
      My pleasure and thank you.
      Sep 21, 2017
  33. crossdog
    crossdog McBride11
    1. McBride11
      Wow thank you. This puts the 270$ stream to shame. Thank god I can cancel through Monday.
      Sep 17, 2017
  34. Dernells Casket n Flagon
  35. SydneySox
    The 'yak? We're doing that now?
    1. InstantKarmma
      The 'yak is the new 'noe.
      Sep 11, 2017
  36. RonB
    Paddling the 'yak at Ashland State Park reservoir
  37. wyatt55
    wyatt55 SoxJox
    My dad was actually born at home on King Street in Bristol, VA, a mile from where the Geico Gecko does his commercial.
    My Uncle & cousin are from Christiansburg. My Uncle James "Buddy" Earp was a Superintendent & Principal in the area. My cousin Jim Earp sells cars at the Nissan dealership in Town. A cousin Lisa Earp Sandridge is a Roanoke resident and involved in education too. - Steve (wyatt55)
    1. SoxJox
      It's a small world. Funny, my wife and I just attended our son's graduation from Navy Boot Camp up at Great Lakes. Before the ceremony got started we were chatting with some of the folks sitting around us. I mentioned I was from Roanoke and the guy sitting in front of me was from Roanoke. Then, the Class' top graduate was announced - he was from Roanoke. Best, Dan (SoxJox.
      Aug 24, 2017
  38. benhogan
    benhogan joe dokes
    which part was wrong?

    the part where Boston has made 59 outs on the base paths, by far the most in the majors.


    the part where we're getting edgy about outs on the basepaths?
    1. joe dokes
      joe dokes
      I responded to the post. But the thread about "outs at home" gave some context that opened my eyes a bit. They lead in outs, and are near the top in "getting extra bases" (however that's measured) and is %%% of doing same (again, however, that's measured). So its sort of a mixed bag.
      That said, "wrong," by itself was unnecessarily short.
      Aug 5, 2017
  39. Curt S Loew
  40. In my lifetime
    In my lifetime DourDoerr
    Profile picture from 8 and 1/2, one of top 3 movies of all time --- I like it
    1. DourDoerr
      Thanks In my lifetime! It's one of my favorite movies too - right after "Once Upon a Time in the West." Hmm, italian directors... Anyway, you're the first to pick out the source. I like how the guy displays his notes - just scraps of paper as if they're not even worth a whole sheet.
      Jul 26, 2017
  41. mikeot
    Short bus window licker
  42. mikeot
    Short bus window licker
  43. Jimbodandy
    Yes, I need something that removes kangaroo blood from a linen/cotton blend
  44. BlackJack
    Don't want none if you ain't got puns
  45. snowmanny
    You are so screwed
  46. Blacken
  47. Blacken
  48. Blacken
  49. Blacken
    This is way too slow.
  50. Trotski
    48, what are we doing?