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SoSH Rules

The following is a list of very important guidelines that should be read thoroughly before you register/post at Sons of Sam Horn (SoSH). Failure to adhere to them could result in a short stay:

1) Please take the time to put some thought and substance into your posts/replies. SoSH has maintained a reputation as one of the most well informed and introspective Red Sox message boards on the 'net. Take some pride in what you're writing and you'll help to solidify that reputation. 'Lazy' posts will not be tolerated and may results in warnings/suspensions.

If one liners, habitual antagonism toward others, stream of thought garbage, unsupportable conjecture, etc. are your bread and butter -- this is not the site for you. SoSH is not a place for water-cooler discussion of the Red Sox.

2) Read through the first several pages of threads before posting your first new topic. There's a strong possibility that the topic is already being actively discussed. Redundant topics will be closed/deleted and/or re-routed to the appropriate thread. Fluff topics, like "Favorite Sox Player", "Darren Lewis Sploogefest" and "Thank You, OC" are not looked upon favorably.

3) Any topics that are not Red Sox specific will be moved to the appropriate forum. If a topic strays to an off-topic subject then it will be moved there as well.

4) Profanity is discouraged in the main red sox, patriots, celtics and bruins forums.  Game threads are, by nature, more reactionary and we're obviously a lot more tolerant in those settings.  Hold onto your hat.

5 ) animated or NSFW avatars, html-ized manual signatures and/or profanity in signatures are not allowed.

Posting Etiquette
1) Zero tolerance policy for flame wars, baiting, and malicious personal attacks on all forums.

Such activity will result in posting rights being suspended/banned.

Use your common sense in determining what constitutes a violation of this policy... that has always worked in the past, considering we've never needed to adopt an official rule of this nature.

fwiw, if you don't like a fellow poster then IGNORE him/her -- it really is that easy.

2 ) If you feel a particular post violates one of these groundrules then REPORT it -- it really is that easy

3 ) Please avoid using animated avatars or otherwise large files as avatars, personal photos or in the body of posts. Yes, we know there are a few folks with animated avatars, they've had them forever. By and large people find them extremely annoying and they take up a lot of bandwidth. Yes, some people still use dial-up (or read us on mobile devices)

4 ) all site feedback should be sent directly to a dope/mod of your choice or posted in the backwash forum.

Warning System:
You will notice a % under your name. This represents the amount of warnings you have amassed - clicking on the number itself will bring up a history of why you have been warned by a dope or a moderator. If you need clarification on a warning please contact the dope/mod who added it, antagonistic or unreasonable attitudes to dopes who issued warnings may result in unannounced warnings / suspensions / bans.

Warnings are intended as an official method of providing feedback and, quantitatively, are not *directly* tied to temporary or permenant bannings.


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